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Budgeting tools are different forms, calculators, and processes to help you spend less than you make and achieve real financial freedom. These money saving tools are only effective if used properly.

household budgeting tools

Garbage-in-Garbage-out is an old computer term referring to the uselessness of results when bad data is used.

You cannot expect a calculator or computer's result to have any real meaning if you input unrealistic numbers.

So it is with these money saving budgeting tools I have found for you. The most important one was already give to you back on the Budget Spreadsheet page. Were the results an eye opener? I would think so. If you have not yet completed this very important worksheet, go back and do it now before trying to find some program to do it for you. You really do need to get personal and understand the process.

To help you along, I have tracked down some useful resources and explained them below. Whatever tool you use, the goal is to always spend less than you make. Period. No exceptions.

Use them to help you become more efficient at what you already know and understand.

Once you have created your personal spending plan, whether on paper or electronically, learn effective tips for living on a budget.


    Free Family Budgeting Tools
    There are several Excel spreadsheets here to get you started. If you do not have Excel, I also give you a link to some free similar software that will open these tools up just fine.

    Family Financial Planning Software
    This article is a primer to what they are and how they work.

    Free Budgeting Software
    Free is good, as long as the quality is there. Here are some options that will help you electronically keep track of your spending.

    Home Budgeting Software
    Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Find some specialized and cost effective budgeting software here.

    Free Budget Calculator
    Pick and choose a calculator giving you a quick snapshot of where your budget lies as of now.

    The Envelope Budget Method
    This is a simple, time-tested method to keep you from overspending. I personally consider it the most effective way.

    Wedding Calculator
    Just for fun, I added this page to help you determine how much matrimony really costs financially. Do you really need to spend $10,000 - $20,000 for the "I Do" exchange? Surely not if you are in debt!

    Home Budget Software Tips
    Once you have worked through the budgeting process on paper, it may fit your personality to move things over to the computer. Here are some ways for picking out an effective software program and get the most effective use from it.

    Personal Finance Software
    Here is another look at computer software giving you my top 4 benefits of doing so.

I trust these budgeting tools will help you get a handle on your household budget. If you need a little more personalized service, I do offer a personalized one-on-one year long financial coaching program to help you become financially free quicker than you realize.

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