Wedding Calculator Ideas for Saving Money

Wedding Calculator

Just for fun, I added the ability for you to use a wedding calculator to help you determine how much matrimony really costs.

With these, you will gain a little insight as you will be inputting your own figures and be able to adjust as necessary.

When living on a budget and reducing credit card debt, do you really need to spend $10,000 - $20,000 for the "I do" exchange?

Remember that wedding prices differ according to where you live, how many people, and desired amenities such as food, decorations, favors, photos, etc. If you are able to save some money as a result of these tools, please do let me know!

Wedding Manor

Party Pop

(Each link will open a new window)

When you are ready to plan and purchase for that big day, I recommend you visiting Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas. They have lots of information, pictures, and a great selection at unbeatable prices.

We have many other budgeting tools to help you including a free budget spreadsheet.

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