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I plan to use materials from your website to finish my son's homeschooling career. He only needs math so this summer I plan to work on consumer math and personal finance, then we will be done and he will be launched. Your talk inspired me and the website is full of useful information. Brandi's Health on a Budget Summit has really helped me focus more on how to help my family during very tough economic times. Your part gives me more clarity and is a wonderful tool at this point in time.

Betsy Varga

I have been using my budget that I created on excel from learning from Crown Financial and Financial Peace University. But we still live paycheck to paycheck, and it has been like this for 16 years now. I am excited to get your system and start writing it down and will have a date with my hubby to do the worksheets together.

Heather Gall Homeschooling Mother of 4

When I initially visited your site, I discovered you had quite a bit of information on finances that is very beneficial to homeschoolers.

Andrea Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Via a group on facebook, I learned about the Health on a Budget Summit. Though I cannot listen to all of it because of the time difference, I did catch your talk, and so far it is definitely my favorite and has been the most helpful. Though I seriously just finished listening to it, I took many notes, wrote down plans, and already started various lists of expenses. Though a lot of budgeting is basic knowledge (ie adding and subtracting), somehow it had not quite clicked yet how exactly to go about making and keeping a household budget. This talk helped tremendously.

Oh, I also wanted to say I love your suggestion to physically write everything down for the first year. One thing I learned quickly, even if it is not related to money, is that I learn, process, and remember things better when I write it down.

Amanda in Germany

Your talk inspired me and the website is full of useful information. Brandi's Health on a Budget Summit has really helped me focus more on how to help my family during very tough economic times. Your part gives me more clarity and is a wonderful tool at this point in time.

Betsy in MA

Listened to your very inspirational talk on the Summit yesterday. Thank you for sharing this information.

Josie on Facebook

Thank you so much for the tips. I really enjoyed your interview with Brandi.

Linda on Facebook

...your existing blog topics are beyond great ...
-- Jonny Andrews

In my opinion [free household budget worksheet] is one of the best laid out and user friendly 'plug and play budgets' that I have ever seen. Truth be told .... I have adopted it as our personal family budget planner!
-- Nigel Willmott, CFP

I found your web site about 6 months ago and I am slowly getting my money under control by paying off debts first and saving a little... By seeing all my spending in writing , it's amazing how much I and my wife don't make and how I still don't understand how things get paid or ever got paid ... Just a little thank you from a struggling tax payer.
-- Martin M.

Thank you for the financial freedom newsletter. It has had a really great impact in my life and for that I am really grateful.
-- Petunia

I love your newsletter. Please keep sending your helpful encouragement and instruction.
-- Lisa

You are very disciplined, your tips are frugal and very down to earth.
-- Tracy

I enjoy your articles very much. I have been using ideas from each of your article to help me use the best type of method for budgeting that works for me and my family. I use your household budget worksheets to help me keep track of my expenses. Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your support and don't stop checking on our progress.
-- Leo

I have found your emails very helpful and informative.
-- Tracy W.

The greatest help from your articles and encouragement has been simply to help me crystallize the degree of detail that I need in preparing a budget without making it such an ordeal that it becomes difficult to maintain and track expenses.
-- Gary

One it (newsletter) has given me "lets call it' empowerment" Thoughts that carry with me in the back of my mind when shopping or budgeting. Two I enjoy the everyday ideas, along with ideas for middle class America.
-- Sandy

As a Christian, I especially appreciate articles that equate debt-free living with Godly living. Not that the debt-free are more pious, but I do think it is important for Christians to know that God cares about our finances and wants us to be discerning with our resources (whether it be money, time, etc.). Thank you for all the information you provide.
-- Cara

Just letting you know that I have enjoyed your newsletter.
-- Linda, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for offering this information! We are working to get on a good budget and working towards being able to purchase a home next year.
-- Wendy, TX

Great stuff--THANKS!
--Ron, TX

... how nice it is to have a Christian budgeting counselor sharing his God-given talent through a God-honoring website. Thank you!
--Robin, OK

We have made tremendous headway in reducing our debt, thanks to you.
-- Liz, NC

About 10 years ago I was broke. We owed $55,000 in bills plus a $1500 a month mortgage. We were able to refinance because a relative willed me some money and since those bad days I use cash or a debit card for everything now. I cut out most of my plastic, we only own two cards that have high limits for emergency and locked up.

We just pay two mortgages now and the balance is less than what our home is worth. I still own some bills, but my money life is better and we have put some money away for savings. We live on a set monthly budget, own only one car, and have three months of money put away if we are unemployed again.

So, I have found your site very helpful and enjoy receiving your newsletter and hope others enjoy your tips also.
-- Tracy, CT

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