The Household Budget Planning Store

Welcome to The Household Budget Planning Store. I create products and services to help you save money, get out of debt, and live financially free.

I trust you will find these products and services valuable and please contact me if you have any questions.

What’s the catch? Why not free?

Here’s the deal: people place higher value on something they invest in. We have plenty of free resources for you, and direct you toward a lot of them through this website. However, $5 or $7 is, to me, a sign that you are committed to reading, and you are committed to getting the most out of understanding how to save money, get out of debt, and live financially free!

7 Keys to a Financial Plan That Works
Audio Seminar

With my 7 Keys to a Personal Financial Plan That Works Seminar downloaded audio recording, you will be inspired to life changing action. This was recorded in front of a live room packed audience listening and interacting with this foundational seminar on personal family finances.

It will help to kick start your household budget planning success. For a complete description, including a three minute portion of the seminar, click here.

Only $7

Personal Budget Planning
26 Page eBook

Effective personal budget planning involves making the right choices. We make them every day. From the mundane ones, deciding to get out of bed or what will be for dinner to the more complex such as not spending money eating out or deciding to begin following the dream held deep inside.

What about creating a budget and living debt free? Here are several ways to help you do just this.

Only $5

Personalized Financial Coaching One-on-One Instruction

With the savings you will experience in the first 90 days, my financial coaching effectively becomes free. It is an investment that keeps paying you back decades later.

Learn more and sign up at my financial coaching page.

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