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Household Budget Made Easy exists for you to enjoy real financial freedom, developing your personal spending plan with great strategies to save money, get of debt, and live financially free.

Back in 1995, I heard the now deceased Larry Burkett on his Christian Financial Concepts radio show and have been hooked on helping people become financially free ever since. I soon became one of his Certified Financial Counselors and then later for my home church.

Well, the old Christian Financial Concepts is now Crown and they are still at it, stronger than ever thanks to Mr. Burkett's incredible fortitude and vision to reach the world for Christ using money -- a most intimate part of our life that he always termed an "outward indication of what is going on inside."

The Household Buget Made Easy Story

A couple of years later, some friends of ours were leading a homegroup of single moms at our church. I offered to talk with them about financial issues. As each new time approached, I would write down on sticky notes the topics for the day.

After weeks of this, I began to type out the information from these notes and provide the group with the detailed step by step instructions.

Thus was Practical Budgeting born, a complete step by step guide to getting on a budget and living a frugal lifestyle. It was created to meet what was needed for those ladies, revising the process as I received their feedback. What resulted was a system that proved to be 100% effective for those who followed it and persevered. Very financially and emotionally freeing, indeed.

It has been said that if a financially strained single mom can get financially free -- anyone can. Including you!

The Expansion and Contraction

Following this initial success, my wife and I conducted many other household budget workshops and seminars, both at, and outside, our church. They ranged from a few hours to a year long accountability group co-lead with some good friends of ours.

As happens in life, things get in the way, certain projects and passions fade, giving way to other of life's demands. And so it was with Practical Budgeting. In the ensuing months, we continued to receive great feedback on the life changing results that came from living on a budget and a frugal lifestyle.

Create a Personal Spending Plan

Stronger than Ever

It has been a few years since then. We are back now stronger than ever. Practical Budgeting has become Your Household Budget Made Easy. Even though the name has changed, the time tested principles of good money management have not.

If you spend less than you make, have strategies to save regularly, and give to others, you will become financially independent. Now that is a REAL stimulus plan.

Strategies to Save Money

Lots of Help is Available

To help you, I am producing tons of free articles on everything from why you should be on a household budget, actually creating your personal spending plan, and some great budget tools to safely guide you to your own financial freedom. I am creating one of the best money saving websites available to help you become financially free.

There are lots of great free money saving ideas and ways to reduce credit card debt. Also, teaching kids about money is big and those wishing to parent with love and logic will not ignore this. Are you looking for what the Bible says about Christian finance decisions? That is also here, as well as personal and group coaching, and an on-line video training course known as a webinar.

If you have ever said, "I hate financial planning," then this website is for you! I go to great lengths to help make the complicated simple. Consider this place your personal financial planning learning center.

Exciting things are happening around here for you! Financial and emotional freedom is at hand if you are willing.

Get started now. It is time for you to live debt free. I wish you well. If I can be of any help, please do let me know.

Helping you to learn, earn, and serve,

Household Budget Personal Story

David Kimball

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