Budget Spreadsheet
Your Unique Personal Spending Plan

Your monthly budget spreadsheet is the key to your personal spending plan and the single most useful item on your road to financial freedom. It is a microscope peering in on your financial life beckoning you to reality.

You have a choice of a computerized or pen and paper version. Whichever one you use, the result is the same: a monthly written personal spending plan showing income and expenses for that month.

You can create your own or print out a copy of the free worksheet available by right clicking the picture:

Budget Speadsheet to Download

As you can see, all income and expenses are listed, leaving nothing out. If computers are your thing, simply copy the template into your own spreadsheet program, create the formulas so the redundant math is automatically calculated and you can spend your time looking where to adjust then worrying about the math.

Now, back to the topic at hand. When completing your own personal spending plan, the goal is for expenses to equal income, with savings being an "expense". There cannot be any exceptions to this. If income and expenses do not equal, your personal spending plan has NO chance of working.

Keep adding and subtracting until you reach this goal. This process get easier as you become more committed to spending less than you make.

So, get busy completing this most important document and step on your road to financial freedom. If you need a bit of help learning how to make a budget it is available.

We have many other budgeting tools to help you including some free family budgeting tools using Excel that you can download today!

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