Free Budget Calculator Personal Budget Calculator

Free online budget calculators to use.

For a quick snapshot of your monthly personal spending plan, use a free budget calculator from the list below. Each one will open a new window.

Budget Calculator

Use this calculator to create your personalized spending plan.

This calculator will give you an objective view of your finances and help you find areas where you can trim expenses to make the most of your income.

Spending Plan Online Calculator

The average person usually has no idea how much he or she is spending annually or monthly. The first step, then, is to track what you spend and compare it to the guidelines shown here. Only then should you begin to adjust your personal spending plan to make it balance.


After using one of these free online calculators to help finalize your monthly spending plan (easier to take than that "budget" word), start living on a budget as quickly as possible to feel that freedom sooner!

A good next step would be implement the envelope budget method for your household budgeting.

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