Personal Budget Categories
Ways to Save Money Around The Home

Effectively using personal budget categories will give you creative ways to save money around the home. A category is a name given to a certain type of spending, such as food, clothing, housing, entertainment, etc.

When using the envelope budget system, each envelope is its own category. When using a written (or computerized) budget spreadsheet, however, your categories are put on a list to be easily referenced.

Some Video Help

To help you understand this better, I have created a video to walk you through each of the different personal spending categories. It explains in detail what types of spending goes in each.

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Using What You Learned

So now that you have an idea of what expenses go into each of the categories, use this information as you make your own personal spending plan and formulate strategies to better manage your finances.

Check out some great budgeting tools that have been set out to help in creating your spending guidelines, whether you choose a written or computer format. Going through each category and becoming aware of your spending habits will give some great ideas for saving money.

Discover more ideas for making a budget including creating a personal budget and making a budget work. And tell others about this great resource you found. They, and I, will be thankful you did!

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