Making a Budget Work
Amazingly Easy Solution

making a budget

Are you ready for my amazingly easy solution to making a budget work? Get ready to be shocked and awed.

At the beginning of this year creating a personal budget was on your priority list, promising yourself (again) to save more money, spend more wisely, watch your finances or whatever other phrase used in your resolution to yourself.

You certainly are not alone; promising to be better with finances is one of the more commonly used New Year's resolutions year after year after year.

It is not always easy to change the way you spend your own hard-earned money but if you know that you should and you go through the necessary changes of being sure that you are ready, budgeting better for the New Year is not so hard.

So how are you doing so far? Not well? Need a quick boost, a way to get started? OK, I have three of them; you are welcome. Calm down. You will get your amazingly easy solution to making a budget work in about a minute or so.

Use Financial Software

If you are really having trouble making a budget for yourself, get yourself some financial planning software to help you do it. It helps you keep track of your income and your expenses as well as what you are spending so you can see the truth in black and white. Then, it can assist you in putting together a budget you can live with.

Cut Out What You Do Not Need

Another great way to help get a healthier handle on your New Year expenses and making a budget is to cut out the things you do not need. You do not need the unlimited minute plan on your cell phone if you barely use 300 minutes, you do not need Platinum Cable if all you ever watch is the news, and turning out the lights in the rooms you are not using lowers your bill.

Between these three things alone you can save up to one hundred dollars aloneā€”in just a month. Imagine if you were able to cut some other corners as well!

Eat In

Cutting out fast food this year will help you accomplish your better budgeting goal and your goal of weight loss. Now that is a great 2 for 1! You do not know how much money you spend at the drive-through until you slow down on it; try it for a month and see how much money you save. Your waistline will thank you, also.

Take Action making a budget

No, these three ways of saving money are not sophisticated, fancy, or anything like that. But they are effective and an easy way to get started.

OK, the amazingly easy solution to making a budget work is to take action. Yes, that is it. What, you are not awed and shocked? Well, you will be when you are debt free within 36 months by just getting started with something small and then build to huge proportions.

If you get started now and commit to adding one or two new money saving techniques per week as well as creating a personal budget on paper within the next thirty days, you will be far ahead of the 90% of people who are in debt and see no way out.

If you have made a promise to yourself to budget better this year, you do not have to break the bank. It does not have to be a chore to save some money and make your budget work.

But it does take commitment and fortitude. And you know what? Since you have read this far and will click on the link below, I KNOW you have that commitment and fortitude to succeed!

The next article in this making a budget series gives you strategies and creative ways for setting up a budget for family financial planning.

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