Other budget categories

by Carol
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

This is fantastic information here. Very detailed and thoughtful.

How about other categories for a budget plan? How about things like Education, Giving and Play? I think it is important to continue developing and educating myself so, I have an education pot in my budget. It's for attending seminars or buying books. It is about 10% of my income.

I also think it is important for everyone to give, even if its only a few dollars. It is amazing what a few dollars in 3rd world countries can accomplish. Again, this is set at 10% of my budget.

And how about some play money? I am a saver by nature and it is hard for me to put money in this pot. It does make it easier to pay all the bills when I know there is a little bit for me to enjoy. It is planned and it is only 10%. It includes things like dinner out or a movie or a manicure.

For more of my ideas, go to Life Continues After Divorce.

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