Christian Finance Principles Honoring God With Your Money

christian finance principles

What I have assembled for you are some of the top Christian finance principles guaranteed to quickly work and give you financial freedom.

However, I trust you did not come here for any get rich quick schemes, debt reduction tricks, or any other scamming type program.

Nope, what you will find are timeless principles that, if followed, will set you free from the bondage of debt and the endless cycle of frustration. And you will do it God's way. Yes, biblical ideas that work. You know, when it comes to finances, the Bible is very straight forward and does not mince words. tithe, savings, giving to others, staying out of debt, are all principles that not only make sense, but brings countless blessings for obedience.

As you read through these informative articles and a thought runs through your head that says, "That makes sense," and you are not doing it, stop ignoring that thought and do it! How can we expect God's blessings if we are not obedient to him in every area of our life?


Christian Finances

Do our Christian finances reflect our faith? Everyone finds themselves short of money at one time or another. Our car may need repairs and we have no savings. We may need medical care and have no health insurance. It could be something as simple as running out of groceries before payday.

Christian Financial Planning

When we begin a discussion on Christian financial planning, there must be the realization of the fact that the financial health of a Christian like any other person can be stable and good, or poor and unstable. A popular Christian finance question is how do I thrive yet honor God at the same time?

Christian Financial Struggles

Christian Financial Struggles

Christian financial struggles are so prevalent in our culture that the number of bankruptcies are just as high as non-believers. Many Christians believe in their hearts, souls and spirits that God is in charge, and can easily provide for them in their time of need. And yet, many Christians throughout the world struggle with financial issues. How is this possible?

Christian Giving

When Christian giving is thought of, there is the Church, charity, and we give generously to our family and friends when they are in need. We give of our time to worth causes, and we give our love to everyone we meet, even those who are hard to love. We give and give, because that is what God tells us to do.

Christian Money Management

While there are a variety of excellent books out there on the topic of Christian money management, you may be surprised at how much you can learn about the topic from the Good Book itself -- the Bible. Here we will explore three foundational Christian finance principles concerning your money that Christians can lean on when considering their finances.

Living Debt Free

Is debt considered a sin in the eyes of God? Must we be living debt free?

Tithes and Offerings

tithes and offerings

In today’s modern world, the idea of tithes and offerings to God in Christian finance has fallen by the wayside. Many are struggling financially, and the idea of relinquishing some of your financial wealth or possessions simply does not seem like good financial sense.

Accredited Online Bible Colleges

Are you thinking of going back to school? Accredited online bible colleges provide education that's focused on scripture and Christian finance principles and values.

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