50th Birthday Party Ideas Creative Ways to Save Money

50th Birthday Party Ideas

There comes that time when you need some 50th birthday party ideas. Even 40th birthday party ideas. You have family and friends who are a lot of fun and you'd like to get together with them. Maybe you've been over to their houses a lot and it's your turn to reciprocate.

Whatever the reason, parties are a good time, but can be pretty expensive to host. Is the cost of throwing one causing you to hesitate? When you think about all the food, drink, decorations, and miscellaneous expenditures involved, it's enough to make you want to become anti-social. However, here are 5 creative ways to save money.

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    Progressive Dinner

    Get together with your friends to plan a progressive dinner. You can do all the organizing to make it come together and that costs you nothing but your time. Each portion of the meal will be served at a different house - appetizers, salad, main course, and dessert. To help out with the expenses, 2 households can be in charge of each course, with the main course involving 3 or 4 households.

    Ice Cream Social

    Who says you have to serve a big meal or heavy hors d' oeuvres as one of your 50th birthday party ideas? You can serve different flavors of ice cream and ask everyone to bring a topping to share. Set this up outside because of the possible mess factor.

Remember that your 50th birthday party ideas do not need to be extravagant nor expensive. Just get together and have some fun coming up with your own creative ways to save money. Here are some more:


    Plan your get together based on everyone asking "What can I bring?" When they ask you this, graciously allow them to bring an appetizer of their choice. Your money will go to the beverages, plates, and eating utensils.

    Soup Fest

    This is a good one for the winter. Ask everyone to bring a pot of their favorite soup to share. You provide the beverages, bread and crackers, dessert, and a clean house. You can even have voting and give prizes for the best soups.


    Lastly, as far as decorations go, you can do just a little instead of a lot. If you have a theme going all out out on the decorations is not really necessary. If it is more

    5 Creative Ways to Save Money

    elegant, bring out your best serving bowls and glasses and if you don't have enough, ask friends to bring some over. Otherwise, an informal affair simply requires some pretty napkins and colorful paper plates will do. If it's an evening party, then pick up lots of votive candles and holders at the dollar store and spread them around the area.

You CAN have a great get together without the big price tag. Go with some of these 50th birthday party ideas, crank the music, and invite your friends over for a memorable time! Hey, here is another thought. Use these same ideas for one of your Christmas party activities.

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