Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Including Ignorance

by Joseph Young

There are many invaluable lessons in the Word of God about money and finance that all Christians can benefit by. The story of Joseph in Egypt is one of them. But what lesson comes out of his story that could help struggling church people?

Good Question.

Let's look at just one lesson from Joseph from his coat of many colors. It was a cherished possession to him, thus, the reason he wore it always even though he knew his brothers hated him for it. But, one day the coat came off and a process began for little Joey that changed the rest of his life. He would never return to that coat nor Canaan land again until Joshua took his bones back over 400 years later.

Financial ignorance is like his coat. Christians often wear this ignorance, not realizing it, as a cherished garment. Always making the same financial mistakes and never learning from the previous errors. The ignorance repeats itself. If financial intelligence is to increase ignorance must come off and a process must begin that will transform the financially immature Christian into a storehouse of blessings like Joseph became for all countries round about.


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