Family Vacation Ideas Smart Ways to Save Money

Family Vacation Ideas

Home family vacation ideas are a great way to help when budgeting finances. It's no secret that many people are not able to afford a vacation that involves flying cross country or to some sandy tropical beach. But everyone needs some downtime with rest and relaxation and it's important to do something with the vacation time your employer allots you, other than use it to take care of sick kids.

The answer? A staycation. Staycation is the new buzz word that means combining the elements of vacation with spending your nights at home.

To start, contact the tourism office in your area and get all the information you need on what there is to do. It's amazing how much you'll find out about your city that you never knew: They have underground tours downtown? They have gondola rides on that river in the big park?

Don't stop with collecting information locally; branch out to areas that can be explored as a wonderful day trip too. Maybe there's a little town or two you've always wanted to explore. Now is your chance and you have the luxury of taking your time and exploring it thoroughly.

Have a family meeting so everyone can have a say about what they'd like to do. With any family vacation ideas, it needs to have elements for everyone, not just Mom and Dad. If each person gets to plan one day, you might be surprised at what the kids pick. Certainly everyone's horizons will be broadened!

Give yourself permission to eat all your meals out, just like you would if you were staying in a hotel on the other side of the country. This is easy to do if you're spending your days exploring.

Just because you're spending your nights at your home doesn't mean you should do any chores. Save the laundry and other household tasks until you "get back". Remember, you are on vacation and you should think of your house as a hotel.

Another idea is to go day camping. Pack up the kids and cooler, and grab the Frisbee, floaties, and fishing rod and head for the nearest campground. Spend all day camping and head home to the comfort of your own beds at night. Or pitch the tent in your backyard and sleep there.

Here are some more family vacation ideas:

  • Go swimming where you've never swam before.
  • Attend a local festival, movie in the park, art exhibit, crafts show, farmer's market, etc.
  • If you have young children, have a park-hopping day where you visit as many local parks in one day as you can.
  • Try a new hike.

    Smart Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations

  • Go biking.
  • Hit the local beach.
  • Ride a train.
  • Put together a huge puzzle.
  • Go fishing.
  • Explore your neighborhood with your camera.
  • Go out to a nice restaurant that you've wanted to try.
  • Sleep under the stars.

You don't have to go far to take advantage of these family vacation ideas, it's more a state of mind. Create your own family adventure trip. While you may not be relaxing on a sandy beach, you can be sleeping in, eating out, exploring some really cool places, and all with a much smaller price tag.

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I have many more of the easiest ways to save money to help you such as 50th birthday party ideas. Or even 40th.

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