Emergency Food Storage Save Money and Be Ready

Having an emergency food storage is a great way to be prepared for the worst and prepare now for the future high costs due to food and water shortages. If you have been paying attention, then you know that there is already a severe shortage of food in many parts of the world. This could erupt with much higher food prices and will continue to weigh on the minds and personal finance budgets of everyone on the planet.

The world's poorest countries have the largest number of people and are at the greater risk when food supplies start to disappear. Today, grain reserves and crops have already begun to decline, even in the richest of nations The hunger and afflicted will be everywhere and their numbers will continue to increase as food supplies quickly disappear. Many countries now already have deadly food riots due to high food prices. With the cost rising every day in America for food, it is now time for everyone to prepare their own plan for emergency food storage. Agricultural experts say that we are approaching the largest food disaster this country has ever known and we must begin now to store food to be ready when it happens. Need some free food storage ideas? Be sure to watch for free demonstrations in your town and sample the products for yourself.

Consider freeze dried foods, because they are the perfect emergency food storage choice. First developed by the American space program, today they are now available in the private sector. Freeze dried foods provide sufficient protein for emergency conditions during storage of foods. Freeze dried meats are very tasty and easily prepared for meals. Other available products are freeze dried milk and freeze dried veggies. Freeze dried foods have a long shelf life and can be stored for over thirty years while retaining their nutritional value and taste.

If you are doing so already, you need to be using freeze dried foods as the foundation of your food preservation and family emergency plans. Survival experts all are recommending that you should have enough food for you and your family to last for several months. If there is a national emergency and you must ever leave your house, then you should be ready to take a survival kit with you that will last for seventy two hours. Freeze dried food will meet all of your family's food storage needs, while still being healthy and full of taste and nutrition. In addition, you will also want to store water and air filter masks for you and your family to use if needed.

This guest post is by Catherine C. Harris who is an author specializing in food storage and has a passion for freeze dried foods.

And part of emergency food storage involves canning. Learn how to can tomato sauce.

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