Average Family Budget Typical Spending Guidelines

The average family budget percentages given to you below is to be used as guidelines only. Please do not take it as a hard and fast rule. Do be aware, however, that your out of balanced plan will never work. Try to get in the general ball park of the given percentages.

According to an article at Crown.org, these numbers are typical "percentages for a $35,000 annual income ... of four. Naturally these percentages are not absolutes and will vary with income and geographical location."

Average Family Budget Category Percentages

What are your budget averages?  Share them with us.

    Housing 36%
    Food 13%
    Auto 12%
    Insurance 5%
    Debts 5%
    Entertainment 6%
    Clothing 5%
    Savings 5%
    Medical/Dental 4%
    Miscellaneous 5%
    School/Child Care 6%
    Investments 5%

You will notice these numbers do not equal 100%, but actually go above. You will need to adjust your own spending plan in other areas if you do or do not have expenses for child care, school, debts, or investments.

When it is all said and done, your own guidelines must add up to 100% of your spendable income (the amount you actually get in your check).

Watch out for debt. If it is consuming more than a third of your take home pay, you might be feeling the psychological crush of your previous decisions. Do not panic! Stick with your plan to reduce expenses, making it a lifestyle forever and ever.

Again, do not take the above budget percentages as set in stone. Do get them close, however, as you will gain peace of mind.

After a couple of months of adjusting, check to make sure your budgeting money endeavors are bearing fruit.

Learn why the average family budget is not the typical budget.

Contact me if you have any questions.

The next article in this making a budget series shows shows you that if make a personal budget and stick to it, you can stay on the out of any recession.

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