Work From Home Moms: Proven Techniques Revealed

The opportunities for work from home Moms provide the best of both worlds: the opportunity to spend time with your family while earning extra money. If you are among those moms that work from home who have been in business for a while, you already know the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. To further reduce the challenges,incorporate these effective tips for home based business success.

    Plan Ahead

    Work from home Moms often have to grab bits of time to work whenever they can. Whether you find yourself in the same situation or have blocks of time to run your business, you will be much more productive if you plan ahead. Each night, when the children are in bed and the house is quiet, create your plan for the next day. Write out the tasks you need to accomplish, then prioritise them according to deadlines or importance.

    The more you do this, the better you will get, and when it is time to work you will be better able to get right down to it instead of wasting time figuring out what needs to be done.

    Chunk Your Work

    Once you get in a groove, it is easy and more efficient to stay there. Chunk your tasks into similar categories for greater productivity. For example, if you have three phone calls to make, set aside time to make all three. This practice helps you flow through several similar tasks quickly because you eliminate the need to transition mentally and physically to something else and then back again. This “chunking” helps you work smarter, not harder.

    Define Your Workspace

    Work from home moms need a well-defined workspace to help you and your family know when it is time for mom to work or play. A large, private office is not necessary to achieve this. Serious and productive workspaces are created by location and attitude. Use the same room, desk or TV tray each time you work and let your family know that when you're in your workspace they must not interrupt you unless it is important.

    Your attitude and behaviors will teach your family to take your work seriously. Define your space with physical items and a work mentality so everyone understands when it is time for you to work.

    Routine Amidst Chaos

    Routine is important for everyone, but a busy family often requires the need for flexibility. By choosing to work at home you've made the decision to put your family first. Avoid the need to compromise your decision by forming a bit of a work routine amidst the hustle and bustle of your family's schedule. If the children always nap after lunch, make your business phone calls while it's quiet.

    If your husband enjoys time in the garden after work, ask him to include the children for an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you can capitalize on one hour of uninterrupted work. This routine tip is enormouse for home based business success.

It is possible for moms who work from home to be productive during work time so their full concentration and energy is given to the family when work time is over. Reduce the stress of running a business and increase the benefits by incorporating these productivity-building tips into your regular business practices. The more efficient you become with your work, the greater the amount of time, energy and motivation you will have for the job that is most important to you: being a mom.

Contributed by Samantha Rodgers, who is a freelance writer and work at home mum. She regularly blogs about money saving ideas and ways for work from home moms to have home based business success. She is also currently writing about the process of joining a GSK medical trials volunteer panel as a means to raise your income.

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