Ways to Save Energy Best Ways to Save Money

We are all putting a lot of energy into finding ways to save energy and have a positive impact on the planet too. While you may not think that anything you change in your life will have a significant impact on the Earth, these best ways to save money will help you do just that:

    1 – Ways to Save Energy on Your Appliances

    If you look around your home at what is plugged into your electrical sockets, you can almost see the power seeping out and the dollar signs rising. Therefore, to reduce your carbon footprint and your power bills, take a look at how you can reduce the power your appliances are using.

    For example, if you are looking at upgrading any of your appliances – your fridge, dishwasher or washing machine – then make sure you choose appliances with a high energy rating. Plus, don’t forget about looking for an efficient water rating on your dishwasher and washing machine too.

    There are other simple ways you can cut down on your power use, for example, avoid ironing your clothes, and simply hang them on hangers as the creases from washing will fall out of most fabrics this way – if they don’t hang your clothes in a steamy bathroom. The dryer will not only increase the creases in your clothes, but also increase your power usage, so unless you have an important meeting in the morning and desperately need a clean and dry shirt, avoid the dryer. If you don’t like the stiff feeling your clothes get from being line dried, put then in the dryer for five or ten minutes before you hang them out.

    As well as being more efficient with the appliances you are using, make sure to turn off the ones you’re not using. This means unplugging appliances which sit on standby all day such as a mobile phone charger, television or game console.

    2 – Ways to Save Energy on Your House

    You will also find that a lot of your power bill goes towards heating your home in winter and cooling it in summer, but you can also make your home more efficient to reduce your energy consumption. For example, make sure you have insulation in your roof, and that it is topped up when it breaks down to reduce the heat coming into your home from above – a white roof can also help reflect heat in the summer.

    Also take the time to go around your house sealing up draughts such as the one coming under the door to the garage, or that window in the spare room which just doesn’t shut properly. While you’re looking at the windows, consider the weight of your curtains because up to 35% of heat comes into your house during summer through unprotected windows, and you can just as easily lose heat in the winter in the same way. Therefore, make sure you have thick block out curtains on your windows.

    3 – Ways to Save Energy on Your Lights

    It seems like common sense to tell you to remember to turn off lights you don’t need, and turn off the lights when you leave a room, however, unless you’re consciously trying to save money and energy, it is easy to forget. This is one of the best ways to save money ... and easiest.

    Also make sure you have replaced your incandescent light globes with energy saving fluorescent globes, which provide the same amount of light, but use 80% less energy and last up to eight times longer. You will also get better results from your lights if you make sure you clean the light fittings regularly.

    If you want to make sure you only use lights when they are needed, install sensor lights in your driveway or side path for example. This provides security and safety at night, and also means these lights won’t be left on accidentally because you can’t see them from inside.

    4 – Ways to Save Energy on Your Backyard

    When you take care of your garden and plant a sustainable mixture of plants, grasses and crops you can take steps towards creating better air quality, as well as reducing the trips you make to the supermarket, and the food miles when you grow your own fruit and vegetables to eat seasonally.

    To look after the environment from a grass roots level, also make sure that your fertilisers, mulch and wetting agents are eco-friendly. You can also set up a compost bin to help you dispose of kitchen scraps as well as create a source of mulch for your garden. When watering your garden make sure you abide by the local and seasonal water restrictions.

    5 – Ways to Save Energy Yourself

    As you can see, it doesn’t take that much more energy to save energy and money around your home. As a result, you probably have a lot of excess energy to work off – so get out of the house. You can make some simple changes to your lifestyle which can save you money and help you save energy for the environment, such as riding your bike rather than driving.

    You don’t have to ride all the way to work every day, but if you’re going to the shops or to see a friend a few blocks away, leave the car at home.

    Plus, when you get out of the house to go for a walk or to the park, you are able to turn off the lights, the television, the games consoles and the computers, which is one of the best ways of saving energy and money.

Alban has a strong interest in ways to save energy with green living while also providing the best ways to save money. He strongly believes that a sustainable lifestyle is not only good for the planet, but also for the wallet.

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