Three Tips on Saving Money
to Get a Bit More Rainy Day Cash in Your Account

tips on saving money

So you have decided to implement some tips on saving money and that now is time to start, right? That is a great decision to make, and one that some people take way too long to follow through with. Ideas for saving money are great for people who like to take trips, those who need money in the event something happens, or those who just want the financial security of knowing that they have money in the bank should something happen to them.

Everybody should make it a habit of saving some money, even if it is only a little bit at a time. A few dollars a week or every two weeks could add up over a few months and if your car breaks down or you have the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime you will be plenty upset when you are unable to do so because you do not have the money in your account. To help you in your efforts to be a better saver, here are three ways in which you could become the best saver you can be and get some reserve money put away for a rainy day.

Eat at Home

One of the biggest tips on saving money is not spending frivolously when eating out. Whether you like sit-down restaurants or you are a big fan of the McDonald's drive through, you should consider making your food at home if you really want to save some money. It is not always easy to pass up those crispy golden fries, but those few dollars add up. Try saving all of the money you would spend on fast food and putting it into your account, or spending it on groceries and seeing how much longer it lasts. This is much better for your health in the long run, anyway. If you like to eat throughout the day, bring a snack with you to work to help curb those urges to hit the drive-through.

Avoid Other Frivolous Spending

Easier said than done, right? Again, avoiding frivolous spending is one of the biggest tips on saving money yet one of the toughest things to do. If you have money, why not save it? You do not need another CD or DVD and you definitely do not need another pair of shoes you probably will never wear in the first place. If you find it nearly impossible to avoid frivolous spending, work on leaving most of your cash and credit card at home. Take just the money you need to buy the things that you went out for in the first place and avoid wandering around the store. Who cares if there is a sale? That is what they want you to do—break the bank for them. Do not give the big stores the pleasure and put that money in the bank!

money saving tips
Watch Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Heating and cooling bills are some of the most expensive things out there. Yes, the cost of power is high, but by turning the thermostat down (or up in the case of air conditioning) you can save yourself a lot of money. Try using your ceiling fans for a month and see what the difference is in your bill—you might be very surprised as to what you find.

Take Some Action

OK, there you have it. Three ideas for saving money now. Yes today. The biggest obstacle is you. So take some massive action today and develop a written plan. Also, begin jotting down your own tips on saving money. As you look around on a daily basis, you will be amazed at the amount of spending you will be able to cut down one. Go ahead. Start today!

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