Top Five Things to do in Seattle on a Budget

There is an incredible array of things to do in Seattle if you are budgeting money. Surrounded by beautiful natural beauty, Seattle, Washington, is seen as a playground for the health-conscious and physically active. But for some, this comes at a bit of a cost as the standard of living is a higher here than in other cities around the United States.

For those looking to visit Seattle, this could mean paying more for room and board, leaving less when budgeting money to see the various attractions. But this does not necessarily need to be so; there are many things to do in Seattle that are either very cheap or free!

Here are five of them. Use them as family budget tips to do more with less money:

    1. Pike Place Market. Shown in many movies and television shows based around Seattle, Pike Place Market is extremely iconic. The market takes in thousands of tourists every day that are looking to enjoy local shopping, including fresh produce and flowers, fresh baked goods, meat and fish, spices, teas, handmade cheeses, and even clothing. The market is also home to the very first Starbucks Coffee. It is also here where you can watch the fishmongers as they throw fish back and forth. While there is no admission to get in, don’t be surprised if you spend money on the stuff inside. Budgeting money for this and sticking to the amount is wise.

    2. Seattle Waterfront. Straight down an elevator from Pike Place is the beautiful Seattle Waterfront. It is a one-mile stretch of touring, shopping, and dining opportunities. Watch people make fresh fudge or take a tour on a decommissioned Cold War Russian Foxtrot submarine. Of the many things to do in Seattle, this could get pricey if you become carried away.

    3. Olympic Sculpture Park. Take a stroll through the lovely Olympic Sculpture Park. It is home to a number of walking paths that are dotted with some of the most amazing sculptures. Throughout the year, there are a number of programs going on at the park for both adults and children.

    4. Theo Chocolate Tour. What if you could sample all the chocolate you want for just $6.00? The Theo Chocolate Tour is an hour long tour offered multiple times throughout the day and provides information on fair trade chocolate and offers samples from all around the world. You will also learn how the chocolate bar gets made. It is any chocoholic’s dream come true! If you crave chocolate, this is on of THE must things to do in Seattle.

    5. Enjoy the Coffee Culture. Seattle is known for its coffee, so why not take advantage of it and try out some of the local coffee hotspots. For example, Espresso Vivace is known for creating its very own espresso roasting and brewing process that can be read about next to the order counter.

There is really no need to spend big bucks on things to do in Seattle. Follow these family budget tips, keeping an eye out for bargains as they arise. If you are properly budgeting money, you will have a great time touring, tasting, and exploring Seattle without busting the bank.

Daniel Argent is the community manager for TheHomeFixers.com, a site where contractors and homeowners connect with each other and get some work done around the house! We make it easy to find the perfect plumber in Seattle for your home improvement project.

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