Strategies to Save Money
with Grocery Store Coupons

You are going to learn some strategies to save money with grocery store coupons. It is very easy to get sucked into the clever marketing carried out by the big stores as special offers are not always what they seem. For example, the buy one and get one free lure makes you think you will save money on groceries. These kind of offers look great but are only worthwhile if you were going to buy that exact product in the first place ... if not then the store brand version is probably loads cheaper anyway!

Here are four strategies to save money with grocery store coupons. If you go about things carefully you can end up winning and saving money by using supermarket coupons ... but be warned, they are really clever so you need a good plan!

    1. Collect the supermarket coupons, read the small print, and only keep the ones that form part of your normal shopping pattern. Beware of being tricked into a new kind of consumption buying a product you don't really need but looks as if it has great value.

    2. Find the "Past Sell By Date" Section: Each shop is different, but it is really good to find the place where they put the food that is just about to go out of date. This is often half price. Some shops just label the stuff differently and leave it on the regular shelves...look out for the labels. Learn what time of day or what day of the week is best for the reductions. Scoop up everything that you would normally buy and put what you can't eat immediately in the freezer.

    3. Never set foot in a food supermarket without a shopping list: No list .... you are completely doomed ... you will drift round the shop picking up "interesting bargains" and come out with a trolley full of trash and another $150 wiped off your credit card. Get serious, make a proper list of what you want, or don't bother to go out shopping. Take these strategies to save money with grocery store coupons seriously and you will save big.

    4. Plan your Route Carefully: So you have your shopping list, what next? As you walk into the shop, look at the list and try to visualize where the products you need are out a good route. The critical point is to create a really fast route around the shop so that you can pick up the items you need in the shortest possible time. Why is this so important? Well, the longer you are in the shop the more money you will spend reducing your chances to save money on groceries.

So now you know how to take full advantage of all those special offers with these strategies to save money with grocery store coupons. Turn the tables on the clever marketing used by the supermarket coupons and take advantage of the offers and reductions without buying extra products. They want you to spend want more stuff for your dollars!! It takes practice and an iron will sometimes, but have a go and see how the dollars saved soon mount up.

This guest post is by Richard Shield, who offers many other practical ideas for saving money and surviving in our hard economic times at There are a lot of topics for discussion besides strategies to save money with grocery store coupons. And don't forget, it's your money so use grocery store coupons to spend it how YOU want and not how the food supermarkets want!

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