Short Term Travel Insurance Review 5 Myths About Insurance for Travel

Most people know that short term travel insurance is a good idea for trips. As with most insurance for travel, however, there are plenty of myths floating around that can make purchasing this type of insurance confusing.

    Myth 1: You Don’t Need Insurance for Short Trips

    A weekend trip may not seem like a trip that requires much in the way of travel insurance – and it’s true that you may not require certain types of coverage such as trip cancellation since the odds are good you don’t have much financially invested in a quick road trip. But there are some coverage options you still need even if you are just crossing the border for a few days.

    Travel health insurance is a good idea no matter how long the trip – an accident or sudden illness can happen any time, even on a short trip. Don’t cross the border without the right health coverage.

    Myth 2: Medical Coverage is Always Included

    While there are some comprehensive travel packages available, you can’t be sure you are covered for every eventuality. Make sure that medical coverage is included in the package policy; it is often a separate policy. While short term travel insurance may cover the cost of lodgings, transport and other costs associated with an injury or illness, the actual medical bills are often a different matter. Purchase a good medical plan every time you travel outside the country.

    Myth 3: Your Credit Card Will Cover You

    Many credit card companies offer trip protection insurance to cardholders as a benefit, but that doesn’t mean you are completely covered. First, you have to use the card to pay for the travel in order for benefits to be provided in most instances. Second, the coverage may be very limited. Especially on a trip that is far from home or is very costly, you should always look into a full insurance package that provides extensive coverage. Call your credit card company to find out what’s in the fine print, and bolster your short term travel insurance accordingly.

    Myth 4: The Airline Will Cover Delays

    If your flight is delayed and you are stuck with costs like a hotel bill, you might think that the airline will cover your costs. Unfortunately, they don’t have to do so they may provide budget hotel options if any at all. Having a trip protection insurance policy will ensure coverage in case of any sort of delay in your flight and the take care of the costs associated with it.

    Myth 5: You Can Get Reimbursed Without Insurance

    If you have to cancel a trip at the last minute due to an illness, a family emergency or any other reason, you might find airlines and hotels less understanding than you expect. Unless you have purchased a refundable ticket, most airlines will not refund your money if you have to cancel. And most hotels have a cancellation policy requiring some advance notice to cancel. You could be out thousands of dollars if you cancel last minute: short term travel insurance is the only guaranteed way to avoid this.

For trips short and long, near or far, be sure you know what you are buying, and get the short term travel insurance you can depend on by avoiding these myths about insurance for travel!

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This guest article is by Johnny Mangiante, an online journalist who also writes about travel medical insurance for visitors to Canada. He is also the editor and webmaster for many websites such as http://www.visitorstocanada.com/.

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