Saving Money With Coupons
Money Saving Techniques

Saving Money with Coupons

For our family, saving money with coupons is not a big deal because of the other frugal living ideas we use that work extremely well for us. Also, doubling of coupons does not happen in our area.

So in the end we may have $1.00 or $2.00 per month in coupon savings for things that we get in the regular stores. But if we have an average of $2.00 per month in coupons, plus $2.00 plus $2.00 plus $2.00 all throughout the year, that becomes an extra $36.00 in savings. And again if you had an extra $36.00 right now from these savings over the last year that would be pretty good.

The main reason we do not fret over saving money with coupons is the technique I will now explain that is one of our best frugal living ideas.

Using an Outlet Store

This one thing we do has saved us thousands (yes you read that right) over the last 10 years. We have a place locally called Pops, a bargain outlet/dented can store selling various food items.

They buy shipments and supplies from places such as Raley's, dollar stores, etc., who have damaged goods, or slightly dented stuff, stored up and then sells to these bargain outlets for about a dime on the dollar or cheaper which in turn sells it to the consumer.

It is a win-win-win situation and I get to save a ton of money.

This particular store that we frequent sells cold cereal for $1.50 per box, 64 ounce juice bottles also for $1.50, healthy and organic snack bars at six for a dollar, various noodles for a dollar per box, etc.

Up until a couple of months ago we were enjoying canned goods at three or two for a dollar for years. Now most of the canned goods have moved up to 79ยข each which is still much cheaper than the stores. However, as this has has raised "our normal prices" up, we have begun to make many of our own things such as chili, pinto beans, and the like.

As you can see, saving money on coupons does not compare to what we are able to save at Pops. I encourage you to find out if there is one within a 30 mile radius of you. Before our local one opened up, we were driving 45 minutes once a month as the savings were well worth it.

Of course, we have to watch the expiration dates carefully, but many bargains are to be had for the diligent shopper who is saving money on food regularly.

Frugal Living Ideas

Many times we get organic foods very cheap. Whatever happens to be the cheapest, and healthiest, we stock up on and then create our next month's food menu based on what we have in our pantry.

Also, recently our Wal-Mart has offered more dried goods at prices that is competing even with these outlet stores. More savings for me!

Do Not Go Overboard

Now over time, a little bit of saving money with coupons and other techniques have kept our food costs down. It should be down more. However, because the healthy snacks we get are quite cheap, relatively speaking, we have been buying way too much; much more than we would normally do if it was not so "cheap".

Ever heard the term, 'Growing broke trying to save money"? Well, we are not growing broke, but we have seen the effects of bargain shopping gone too far.

We are now going to start purchasing less and baking more of our own stuff, as it is healthier and even cheaper. Our goal of saving money on food by grocery shopping on a budget of under $300 per month is obtainable for our family of six; even with our two growing boys eating and eating -- and then after three or four helpings, asking for more!

OK, that may be exaggerating a bit but those of you with boys know what I am talking about.

Look for Opportunities

So, as different opportunities come and go we are constantly on the look-out to adjust our own habits to stay debt-free. Again, we do little things we can such as saving money with coupons and outlet store shopping to ensure we are reaching and keeping our financial goals.

This series continues with more savings using grocery store coupons.

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