Recycling Tips 8 Strategies to Save Money

These recycling tips given to you today include eight strategies to save money. In the tough economy that we live in today, one must discover ways to save money in an effort to make ends meet. Many times, this means taking advantage of recycling. Can doing it really save you money? Is it worth the time and effort to find ways to recycle? The answer is yes.

Reusing and other methods are the perfect way to put extra money in your pocket.

1. Recycle clothing. Instead of donating old clothes that you no longer wear, find ways to reuse them. Clothing can easily become rags, purses, handkerchiefs, etc. with the use of a sewing machine. Consider making several items from old clothing and trying to sell them to make some extra cash. Large pattern dresses can easily become curtains or valances. There are many creative ways to recycle clothing that you no longer. Wear.

2. Create Your own Art work. Decorating the home can get quite expensive. Save money by recycling old picture frames and old household items to create your own artwork. A trip to the flea market could result in cheap finds that will enable you to create your own wall art. Another man’s trash may be your treasure! Art work created from “trash” can also be sold to bring in an additional income. Use your skills to create a masterpiece.

3. Reuse paper in creative ways. Instead of spending money on wrapping paper during Christmas or birthdays find, reuse paper you have stored around your house. Keep old newspapers and magazine and use them to wrap gifts. The paper can easily be painted if you aren’t satisfied with the end result.

Newspaper serves as the perfect wrapping paper for gifts under the tree. It is also great for getting fires going in the fireplace. Instead of spending your hard earned money on kindling, use newspaper.

4. Find a scrap dealer and turn in scrap metal. Do you have extra metal or scrap iron lying around? Chances are a trip to your garage or shed will produce a truck load of scrap iron.

Getting rid of this stuff can actually put money back into your pocket. Find a scrap metal dealer near you and exchange your metal for some extra cash. Many times, neighbors and family members will give you scrap iron in exchange for you coming to get it. Ask around and see if you can take scrap metal off of the hands of those you know.

Why is recycling important? It saves money and helps your household budgeting. But wait, there is more. Read on for other great recycling tips and strategies to save money:

    5. Recycling plastic containers. Instead of buying storage containers for food, art supplies, crayons, etc. reuse plastic food container. Containers from butter, cool whip, and sour cream make the perfect reusable containers. Because you buy these items several times during the year, the supply is usually endless. These containers can be washed and reused. You can often find ways to use the containers in every room in the house. Paint them if you would like a more cohesive look for your home.

    6. Learn how to compost. What do you do with old food and scraps? Instead of throwing them in the garbage can, a great recycling tip is to put the scraps into compost. Overtime, the scraps will become great fertilizer for plants in your yard and save you money. This also frees up space in your garbage can and reduces the number of trash can liners that you use throughout the week. It also reduces the need for landfills.

    7. Visit garage sales. Save money by taking advantage of things that other people do not want. Visit garage sales often to find household items that you need. You don’t have to buy brand new. Look for kitchen appliances, couches, and other purchases that can save you money. Slightly used appliances can save you hundreds of dollars.

    8. Drink tap water. Bottled water is very expensive and the plastic bottles take of lots of space. To save money and help save the earth, purchase a water bottle and learn to drink tap water. There are filters available to filter tap water if you do not trust your water supply.

These recycling tips will without a doubt help you save money. Use them as effective strategies to save money on a daily basis. Will you begin recycling in an effort to put money in your pocket?

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This guest post is by Marina Chernyak.

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