Household Budgeting's Raving Fans
Testimonials From Those I Have Helped

Thank you for the financial freedom newsletter. It hashad a really great impact in my life and for that I am reallygrateful. -- Petunia

I love your newsletter. Please keep sending your helpful encouragement and instruction. -- Lisa

You are very disciplined, your tips are frugal and very down to earth. -- Tracy

I enjoy your articles very much. I have been using ideas from each of your article to help me use the best type of method for budgeting that works for me and my family. I use your household budget worksheets to help me keep track of my expenses. Thank you for your help! --Gaby

Thank you for your support and dont stop checking on our progess. -- Leo

I have found your emails very helpful and informative. -- Tracy W.

The greatest help from your articles and encouragement has been simply to help me crystallize the degree of detail that I need in preparing a budget without making it such an ordeal that it becomes difficult to maintain and track expenses. -- Gary

One it (newsletter) has given me "lets call it' empowerment" Thoughts that carry with me in the back of my mind when shopping or budgeting. Two I enjoy the everyday ideas, along with ideas for middle class America. -- Sandy

Thank you for all the information you provide. -- Cara

As a Christian, I especially appreciate articles that equate debt-free living with Godly living. Not that the debt-free are more pious, but I do think it is important for Christians to know that God cares about our finances and wants us to be discerning with our resources (whether it be money, time, etc.). -- Cara

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