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What is the best way to shop for a quick car insurance quote? There are many choices available on the internet and it can get quite confusing. We will review strategies to save money with a quote and simple steps to make it very easy.

To be able to provide a quick car insurance quote and ultimately lower insurance premiums, car insurance companies will require basic information such as the car you drive, mileage driven and some other basic personal information. The whole process should take no longer than 5 minutes. To get the most out your time it is best to get multiple quotes from several leading car insurance companies by only entering your background information once.

Obviously, the more quotes you receive will help attract the lowest pricing in the fastest amount of time. A great way to accomplish this is to work with an independent web site that has relationships with most of the top car insurance companies. The site we have found to be the best is Hometownquotes.com.

Hometown works with the three leading car insurance companies, State Farm, Allstate and Farmers Insurance. In addition, you will receive quotes from other top companies like Nationwide and Hartford. Many web sites on the internet will offer multiple quotes, however, it is likely they will be with lesser known smaller companies. Many of these type of companies will have weaker customer support that can come back to bite you if you file a claim. By shopping with Hometown quotes, you will be able to get quick multiple car insurance quotes from several companies at very competitive pricing.

When shopping for a quick car insurance quote, there are a couple of important areas to keep in mind to help attract the best pricing available. The first is the deductibles you are selecting for collision coverage. Collision coverage is expensive and can run over $500 a year if choose deductibles of $250. If you have an older car, it is a good idea to raise your deductibles in order to save money on your premiums. By increasing your deductibles from $250 to $1000 you can save $200-$300 a year.

Of course if you remove your collision deductible altogether, you can save the full $500 with the obvious risk of being liable for damages to repair your car if you are in a collision. A second area to save money on is your liability coverage. If you don't have many assets, such as stocks or real estate, there is not a need to have more than the minimum insurance required by your state.

Car insurance is regulated by the state you live in, so the minimum amounts will vary based on where you live. When you fill out a quote at Hometown Quotes, the web site will list the minimum required coverage amounts based on the zip code you provide. Understanding your coverage levels will be a big help in obtaining a quick car insurance quote.

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This guest article is by Tom Frances, a risk management professional who specializes in car insurance. He has worked with many of the car insurance web sites to understand which ones provide quick car insurance quotes and also writes at Oregon Car Insurance .

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