Most Popular Christmas Gifts
for Christians

What do you think are the most popular Christmas gifts for Christians?

The holidays are a special time of the year for most anyone, but they hold special meaning for Christians, who celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. If it seems that a run-of-the-mill Christmas gift just won't cut it for the special Christian in your life, then you do have some gifting options suited especially for this wondrous, holy time of year.

Here are five of the most popular Christmas gifts for Christians:

    A Modern Bible

    The well-chosen Bible can be a gift that is kept for years, or even for a lifetime. A good family Bible is often even passed down through the generations. Put some serious thought into the type of Bible you want to give and have it inscribed for the recipient to make it into a special keepsake. Younger recipients might enjoy a contemporary interpretation with bright images while older individuals may even appreciate large print editions.

    Christian Christmas Music CD

    There are a number of great Christian albums to choose from - all well suited to bringing the Christmas cheer while inspiring praise for the Lord Jesus and are amongst the popular Christmas gifts for Christians. Some of the most popular and highly recommended selections include "Peace on Earth" by Casting Crowns, Amy Grant's "The Christmas Collection," "Glory in the Highest" by Chris Tomlin, and Josh Grobin's "Noel." For a comprehensive compilation by various popular Christian artists, try the "WOW Gospel Christmas" series.

    Christian Audiobook Club Subscription

    An audiobook club membership truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Enroll your loved Christian in a club like to provide an ongoing entertainment experience that is just as much a convenience as it is an enjoyment. Make sure you know the terms of the membership so that you will know your own ongoing financial contribution. You may want to consider prepaying for a single year, after which it will be the recipient's decision to continue or not.

    Concert Tickets

    Find out who your loved one's favorite Christian music artists are, then procure some concert tickets to provide memories that will last a lifetime. This is an especially great idea for a significant other or a best friend, as you can purchase two tickets and go along for a bonding experience in the name of faith and love.

    Christian-Inspired Collectibles

    A special keepsake in the form of a Christian figurine is a great idea for those Christians who have a hankering for collecting. Try Willow Tree, a brand of fine figurines, sculptures and tapestries, or Precious Moments, a world-famous maker of adorable angelic figurines.

There is no shortage of gift ideas that can really brighten up the holidays for that special Christian in your life. Consider this list of the most popular Christmas gifts for Christians and show that you really put some thought into making the Christmas season as special as possible for those you love.

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This guest written article is by Davida Willner who loves shopping and finding personalized gifts for all of her loved ones, regardless of faith or interest. She is a full-time freelance writer who enjoys using online fax services, online database storage systems, and other web tools to streamline her business processes.

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