Money Saving Techniques 4 Doable Frugal Spending Ideas

Money Saving Techniques

You are are being given 4 money saving techniques that are tried and proven. Spending is easy; anyone can do it, no problem. But doing it wisely, well that's a different story.

Most people have valid reasons to save - get out of debt, replace income lost if working a new job that doesn't pay as well, save for the children's college education, put away for a rainy day, and save for retirement. I am sure you have already come up with your own reasons.

Whatever your reason, there are some areas of your life that you can cut back on without too much pain involved. Here are some of those painless money saving techniques:

    1. I'd suggest you start with looking at where your current purchasing habits. Yes, as boring as it may sound, audit your habits over the last 6 months. This is about figuring out where your dollars goe, and then deciding where your priorities are. You might find that making a budget is right for you.

    2. Next, decide where you can cut back without pain. Instead of hitting the coffee stand for a foo-foo coffee, consider a cup of the "house". Or get the grande latte three times a week instead of every day and this will save you more than $700 over the period of a year. Don't cut back so far that you feel like you're depriving yourself. It then becomes like a strict diet where you end up binging. But putting that $700 towards reducing credit card debt and you will save an additional $500 or so just in interest if you only the pay the minimum each month.

    4 Doable Frugal Spending Ideas

    3. Another easy change might be taking your lunch instead of buying. And while we're talking about food, eating at home is a lot cheaper than eating in a restaurant or going the fast food route. Plan your dinners and lunches by saving money on groceries, and slice and chop ahead of time so you don't have an excuse not to eat at home. You can still go out, but do it for special occasions, not because you don't have food in your fridge to prepare.

    4. Another of many money saving techniques is to follow a 48 hour or 1 week rule where you cannot impulse buy. If you went to the department store looking for a specific item, let's say tennis shoes, you can't come home with new black pumps (even if they were on sale.) After the allotted time period you can reconsider whether you want to buy the pumps or not, but you might find you've forgotten all about the item.

How's that? Have there been any other money saving techniques come to mind as you were going along? Share them below and the learn how to have frugal meals when eating out.

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