Your Money Mindset When Making a Budget

Developing a positive money mindset is incredibly important if you are determined to live financially free. It is essential if you expect to have more money and create real wealth.

Unfortunately, we are typically taught the negative use of money more than the positive. "Money does not growing trees" or "money is the root of all evil." Do you remember these, and other, sayings? When a child is taught that rich people are greedy or to not expect to make much in life, there is a tendency to subconsciously avoid wealth creation activities, missing some of the great opportunities that having money is able to provide.

Hold it onto only negative views about money will keep you from creating the wealth necessary to do the good in the world you desire. Change your money mindset and you change your life situation.

For example, when you think that rich people are just greedy, do you realize where the jobs come from? Yes, those who are considered rich. Without these entrepreneurs, who started out like you and I, being innovative and taking risks, do you really believe you would have that job of yours?

Yes, there are some whose wealth is given to them. However, at some point, their father or grandfather created it. So, instead of criticizing those that have money, emulate the ones who received it through innovation and sacrifice.

Money is in Abundance

Do you realize that money is really in abundance? Just ask the politicians. (Uh, sorry. Back to reality). The myth that money does not grow on trees is not believed by those who nurture their skills and talents to the point that they are able to grow real wealth. Your own thinking is a major contributing factor to developing a negative money mindset and thus earning less. How do I know that money is really an abundance? Take a look at restaurant parking lots on any given night. Full. Gandor at the incredible number of choices to purchase one kind of item at any store. It is overwhelming sometimes.

The Root of All Evil

Another myth to dispel is that money is the root of all evil. This phrase comes out of the Bible in the book of Proverbs, Chapter 23, verse 9. It actually reads,"for the love of money is the root of all evil."

Being consumed by money is unhealthy and destroys a positive money mindset. Instead, consider God in the way your money is spent. Give too and serve others who are in real need and you will become more grateful for what you do have. Desiring to hang onto every single penny you "own" creates a stingy and selfish personality which permeates every other area of your life and attitude. Giving reinforces the reality that money indeed is in abundance.

And besides, do you really think you own it? When you die, all that you "own" is at the mercy and whim of someone else. Change your money mindset to the reality that you are to be a good steward of what you have been allowed to have.

There is Enough Wealth

Rich people usually share their wealth with others as they know and remember their obligation to help others just as they were helped. So, do not resent their success. Emulate them, turn over the ownership of what you do have to God. There is enough wealth for you to create for yourself: as long as your motives are not simply selfish and self serving.

Developing a positive money mindset is a prerequisite to real wealth creation. Make the needed changes and tell me your story of success or where you are at in your journey below.

As a financial coach and mentor, I help families using a personalized financial coaching program to get out of debt and live financially free within three years. Sign up for my free newsletter at the right hand side there.

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