Managing Your Personal Finances List #3
Household Budgeting Solutions

Here we go again with another round of articles to help you with managing your personal finances a lot better than you are right now. Every little tip that you implement continues the snowball to financial freedom.

Where do I get all of these household budgeting solutions? Different financial blogs and websites submit their articles for me to consider. I get new submissions almost daily and end up clicking delete alot. I would appreciate your clicking on the "Like" or Twitter buttons below and/or other ways to share with your family and friends.

    1. You should always be on the look out for reduced food items; we saved more than 70% on some items I spotted at a service station. Karen Bryan presents Out of Date Food Reductions.

    2. Freelancers must make special considerations throughout the year to ensure there are no mistakes come tax time. Steve presents 5 Critical Accounting Tips for Freelancers.

    3. As I start preparing my income tax documents for last year, I have been struggling to come to terms with how I managed to waste so much money. Not only did I manage to spend a lot of money, I also have very little to show for it. One major expense was a vacation I took last year, but that doesn't come close to accounting for all the wasted money. A bigger expense that I need to accept is dining out and take out food. Jeremy presents Folly Of Paying Someone To Cook For You.

    4. Start thinking about managing your personal finances in a new way: necessary expenses and entertainment expenses. Super Saver presents New Spending Strategy.

    5. Negotiating for cheaper rent before you sign or renew a lease can save you hundreds of dollars a year. But what if you want to get a lower price in your current apartment? This article outlines some wonderful tips on how to do just that. Carrie Smith presents 11 Creative ways to negotiate and lower your rent.

    6. How do you react under financial stress? Ever freak out over something silly? Here's one of my stories... Dave Hilton presents My Infamous Cereal Aisle Meltdown.

    7. Creating a budget isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t have to feel restricting. In fact, once you know how to make a budget, I’d say you’d start to feel a little more freedom from the dreaded ‘paycheck to paycheck’ lifestyle that haunts millions of Americans. Tim presents How to Make a Budget.

    8. You can look high and low and never find the meaning of life. But you will find a cheaper can of beans. David Leonhardt presents Searching High and Low for a Deal.

    9. Post about having a family meeting to discuss debt and cutting spending. Darrell presents Whack your Family (Debt) with a Sit-Down.

I trust you are enjoying these household budgeting tips to help you be successful in managing your personal finances. All summaries above are written by the respective author with minimal editing by me.

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