Make Money Recycling Earn Extra Money From Home

The world of green business used to make money recycling is one that has really lifted off in recent years, and there are a number of opportunities for individuals. We've decided to compile some great ideas to make money on the side and do some good along the way.

One Man's Rubbish

As the old saying goes, "One man's rubbish is another man's treasure," so why not turn this into a reality? We all throw

Collecting Cans and Bottles

How many people find their green bins filling up well before recycling day? Perhaps you can by offering people the service of recycling for them. Providing a bin emptying service by removing the rubbish and bringing it to a recycling area means you can make some money and prevents people from dumping into the landfill bin when their own recycling bins are full. Getting a number of bins in your locality can mean you don't have to travel far between stops and saves on fuel as well.

Scrap Metal

When collecting waste, why not separate the recyclable from the useful? There is plenty of money going for scrap metal these days and by finding the rubbish in your own bins and also others' if you get permission, you will definitely make money recycling. Scrap metal is sold by the ton and there is a significant amount of cash for the right metal.

Refurbish the Stuff

Many people will renovate a home and throw out all the contents of a room, or part of the home, without considering their worth. In many cases there is plenty of valuables thrown out - a baby thrown out with the bath water scenario. Looking through building waste can really yield some gems. Bring these to architectural salvage yards and sell them for decent amounts of money, if you know what you're looking for. Anything from bricks to hand basins can be traded for cash and allow you to make money recycling.

Become an Eco Consultant

Many people don't want to seem un-green, nor do they want to waste energy. By training yourself in the field of green and becoming an Eco Consultant you help people become more environmentally friendly while also cashing in on ideas to make money recycling for yourself. Go through a person's home and look at their items and propose changes to the least efficient electrical items, water and the way they spend their money. For many a change to a greener energy supplier, the replacement of some old electronics, and a few changes can make all the difference.

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This guest article is by Cormac Reynolds, a freelance writer for discounts.ca collating a large selection of coupons and vouchers for brands such as Dell, Amazon, Expedia and many more.

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