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Any homeowner knows that budget home insurance is beyond important. It protects you, your house, and your belongings should their ever be an accident, injury, or disaster on your property. Because home insurance protects you to such a high degree, it can be quite expensive. Fortunately there are some do-it-yourself home improvements that will help you lower insurance premiums.

    1. Replace or Reinforce Roof

    A tough roof really helps to protect your home. If your roof has seen better days, it is a good idea to either strengthen or replace it. Not only will this help to keep you and your family safe, but it will also lower insurance premiums.

    Strong roofs are especially important in high-wind areas, where hurricanes and tornadoes are more likely to occur. Be sure to fasten your shingles down securely if you are reinforcing your roof. Metal roofs are a good choice if you are thinking of replacing your roof. They cost more, but are worth the extra protection they provide.

    2. Install Working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Installing new, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each level of your home is a good idea to ensure a lower budget house insurance payment. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide kill thousands of people each year, simply because they have no working detectors in their home to warn them. By installing them in your home, your risk will decrease and so will your rates.

    3. Replace Washing Machine Hoses

    It is a good idea to replace the hoses on the back of your washing machine, even if it is fairly new. These hoses can crack, leak, or even burst, leading to water damage and problems with your machine. By replacing your washing machine hoses with stainless-steel hoses that won’t burst, your insurance company may offer lower insurance premiums. These replacement hoses are available at any home improvement store and are usually pretty reasonable.

    4. Fix up Your Porch

    If your front porch has any features that aren’t stable, the risk of someone being injured on it is much greater. For example, if one of your steps is cracked, it may be easy for someone to trip and fall. Also, unstable railings may not properly support someone if they do happen to fall. Taking the time to fix up any bad steps or railings will not only keep people safe, but may reduce your insurance rates.

    5. Install Fireproof Siding

    New siding is great for a home’s look and safety. If you are thinking of putting up new siding on your home, think about using siding that is fire-resistant. This siding will greatly reduce the risk of fire related damage, especially if you reside in an arid part of the world where fires are more likely to spread and cause extensive damage. Additionally, your insurance premiums may drop if you install fireproof siding.

    6. Put up Storm Shutters

    Folks who live in hurricane-prone areas can lower insurance premiums by putting up storm shutters on their homes. These metal storm shutters protect windows during strong winds, therefore lowering the risk of broken windows and damage to your home and belongings. Although they are a bit of an investment, the protection you receive is worth every penny.

    7. Other Security Measures

    Installing a burglar alarm and deadbolt locks are two great security measures that will lower your insurance premiums. This is because your home is much less likely to be burglarized when these security measures are in place. Also, keep at least one fire extinguisher on hand. Not only will it help if there is a fire, but it can also help to lower your rates.

By taking the time to perform these do-it-yourself improvements, your home will be much safer and less of a risk. This in turn will lower your insurance premiums making it easier to budget house insurance by saving money, giving you more peace of mind. Always be sure to inform your insurance agent of any improvements you make on your house as you will get the rates you deserve at all times.

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This guest post is by Casey Lynch who writes about lower insurance premiums and home insurance quotes for HomeInsurance.org.

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