Living Debt Free

by Dennis Merrell
(Inman, South Carolina)

My wife and I had a nice house but with illness and wanting to be living debt free we sold our house in Asheville, NC. Prices for real estate is still to high just because its close to mountains. We moved an hour away which is still not far from the mountains if we want to visit, but houses are half the price of Asheville.

So we sold our house, paid cash for another house in another town and had enough left to pay cash for a new Prius Hybrid. We are living debt free and we don't even have a credit card. It's nice if we want to buy something or go on a trip we can do it with cash. With the economy still bad no one can take our house from us and we don't pay rent. Ha, just regular bills, food, gas power, water, etc.

It's wonderful to be living debt free. Try it, you will like it not to owe money to everybody with no end in sight.

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