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Save Money on a Life Insurance Policy

Is it still possible to find a reputable life insurance agent who is not solely interested in making a commission but is committed to helping you to save money on a life insurance policy? Finding a good one is very important when it comes to effectively protecting the financial future of your family.

If you are responsible for the financial well being of someone else, good stewardship of the money God has allowed you to have is essential. Use these seven tips for not only choosing the best candidate, but also as strategies to save money:

    1. Get a referral. Talk with family and friends who they use and how they would rate that person. Word of mouth is still THE most effective way to discover the best agent for you. Make sure you hear both the pros and cons.

    2. Consider staff professionalism. When you first make contact with a life insurance agent, it is more likely a secretary or other office staff will answer the phone. How do they treat you? How fast does it take to talk with the person you called to speak with? Be on the alert for competency and professionalism.

    3. Shop around. Talking with three to five agents will allow reasonable comparisons to help you determine who you wish to work with. Pay close attention to how they treat you, their diligence in answering any of your questions, and a concern that you make informed decisions even if it means referring you elsewhere.

    4. Experience matters? The longer a life insurance agent has been in business, the better they should be able to serve your needs. However, the opposite can also be true in that those who have been around awhile could have become lazy and not put your interest ahead of their commission. Do not discount or eliminate a newer agent who is hungry for your business. He or she most likely will work even harder to please you and receive referrals. I will take integrity and drive any day over experience but lazy.

    5. It is the agent legit? The more training the better. A Chartered Life Insurance (CLU) designation could be a tipping point for decision, all other factors being equal as he will probably more ways for you to save money on a life insurance policy.

    6. Independent vs. known carrier. Unless you have done your research and are committed to a "name brand" agent because of their integrity and trust, use an independent life insurance agent. They are able to sell you a policy for multiple companies, helping you to comparison shop. Compare both options before deciding.

    7. Trust your instincts. An effective and caring agent will answer your questions and anticipate your needs. If he immediately claims he has the right policy for you, this is a red flag.

Now armed with these tips and information, go out and meet a few agents in person or on the phone; trust your instincts and you will soon discover a great life insurance agent with strategies to save money to help you purchase and save money on a life insurance policy for protecting your family's financial future.

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