Learn to Invest Money The Next Step in Budgeting Money

Learn to Invest Money

The next logical step after mastering budgeting money is to learn to invest money. Last year, I discovered Jay Peroni and his desire to lead others to become faith based investors. He intrigued me as the idea of who to invest in had been bugging me for the last couple of years. I went ahead and plunked down the cash to get the recommendations that he and Mike Mitchell give monthly.

After the last crash I took a breather and reevaluated my investment philosophy. The idea of investing in companies that directly attacked biblical values gnawed at me. Also, just researching the companies to invest in, and when to do it, was becoming very draining.

Well, with Jay's and Mike's Faith Based Investing membership, it is all done for me. What an incredible find!

For only $99 per year, I now have an experienced and professional investing team that really cares about ME. You will learn to invest money with a clear conscience with their patient, teachable hearts. How do I know that? Not one email I have sent Jay has gone unanswered.

Hold the Course

Today's email continued to reinforce this. A few weeks ago, I had become concerned about CRXX, one of their recommendations that I purchased. A lot of things that looked negative were happening and I sent a "are you sure I should be in this stock?" email.

The reply was, "Hold the course. You will not be disappointed." The email I got today was a comment from Mike over there that stated, "In particular, please tell Mr. Kimball congrats - especially for being so patient on a long bumpy roller coaster ride!"

Wow, this blew me away that they would remember me and take the time to personally follow up on my concern from weeks ago.

budgeting money

Think about it. For only a hundred bucks a year, I get a complete professional investment team who will teach me to learn to invest money and personally answers ANY question I have. They, like me, are concerned about the moral and spiritual implications of the companies I invest in, and brings me a profit to boot.

After Becoming Debt Free, Then What?

Look, it is my passion to help you save money, get out of debt, and live financially free. But what happens after that? After becoming debt free, start multiplying your wealth and learn to invest through faith based investing so you will have an abundance later to bless others. And with a clear conscience. What an incredible position to be in.

Well, I sent a reply to his email, tongue in cheek, telling Mike he "could have done better than just a 46% jump." Well, I just checked my email and they did it again with their reply:

Here is a copy of the email:

    Subject: A follow up about CRXX

    "Also note: most people are missing the real value in this approval. It isn't that exalgo will turn into a blockbuster drug with billion dollar sales, but exalgo provides incredible cash flows for funding the company's many promising blockbuster drugs it has in its pipeline - and many are in phase II testing. The real question is...Who has the patience to hold this stock for another 1-3 years? That's when we will see the real value of this stock!"

This was only a few minutes after I sent my email joking around with them. In just a few minutes, they did do better! Wow. Maybe I should keep this going. By the end of the day, CRXX settled in at a 33% gain. No doubt some profit takers could not resist that top.

jay peroni

Learn to Invest Money for Free

Well, there you are. You just got a real unaltered and impromptu behind the scenes view of what these people are about -- me and you. If you take just this one piece of advice, and be patient, it will more than pay for the yearly subscription fee. No, this is not investment advice. Simply a valuable resource review.

At the very least, go get on their free newsletter list and listen to the Podcasts. There is an incredible education on the best way to invest money right there for no cost.

No, I do not get a dime for this even though it sounds like an infomercial. It is that when I latch on to an effective financially related resource that will help catapult my readers and coaching clients to the next level, it must be shared.

So, after you have been successful with your budgeting money endeavors and are out debt, learn to invest money properly with Jay Peroni and become a faith based investor.

Besides learning to invest money, there are other ways to make money including getting cash for gold jewelry and other items.

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