Kohl's Discounts Ways to Save Money

Using Kohl's discounts as a major draw, the department store chain sells a large variety of goods, such as women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, shoes, and accessories, as well as home goods including bedding, towels, kitchen items, accessories and decor items, and small electronics.

Marketing themselves as a company selling affordable priced merchandise, they frequently have sales and Kohl’s Coupons to draw customers into their stores.

    Kohl’s Sales

    They seem to always have a sale running. Walking into the store, you will notice the majority of displays and clothing racks have a sign stating the item is on sale. Typically, items run anywhere from 20 to 50 percent off on any given day. Even though they are listed as sale prices, I would consider these to be their regular prices, as they are always on sale.

    In addition to these continuous “sales”, you are offered Kohl’s discounts during offered Power Hours and Special Buys. The prices of select sale items during these sales are more in line with an actual sale price, typically knocking 50 to 60 percent off.

    While these types of sales used to be a once a month occurrence, they seem to be happening as frequently as every weekend now and the sale items and prices tend to remain the same from sale to sale. This means you do not need a sense of urgency if you see Kohl’s discounts or sale items. If you are unsure whether you need the item or your household budget will afford it, take your time and think about the potential purchase for a few days. Odds are the same item will be on sale for the same price the following weekend.

    Coupons for Kohl's

    Kohl's discounts in the form of coupons are released in a variety of ways. Charge card holders frequently receive scratch-off savings in the mail. These offer the card holder the opportunity to save an additional 10 to 30 percent off of their purchase when using their Kohl’s credit card. The department store also releases coupons to the general public in the newspaper. Occasionally, the coupon will be in their weekly ads.

    However, more frequently, a peelie is being attached to the front of the local newspaper. This peelie offers Kohl’s discounts from $5 to $10 off a certain dollar amount. And lastly, coupon codes are offered at kohl's.com. These are emailed to existing customers or displayed on the front of their webpage and are usually good for anything from free shipping to 20 percent off your entire online purchase.

    Kohl’s coupons have been found to be an effective way of getting shoppers to buy. When combined with their everyday sale prices, many people believe they are getting a great deal and more bang for their household budgeting buck.

    Kohl’s Cash

    During certain time frames, shoppers earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. They will then come into the store or shop online during the redemption period, using their Kohl’s cash on most purchases totaling $10.01 or more.

    The mindset behind Kohl’s Cash is the same as it is with Kohl’s discounts or coupons. The store is banking on consumers thinking they are getting a great deal due to the percentage of money they are saving compared to the retail price.

    Can You Get A Good Deal At Kohl’s?

    Many savvy shoppers realize exactly what the Kohl's discounts strategy really is: They raise the retail price of their items, and then sell the item on sale and still make a profit.

    This also tricks people into thinking they are getting a deal, when in reality, they are paying regular price for the item. This is why many people love Kohl’s discounts. They brag of having saved 50 percent or more, when in reality, the price was a bit inflated to begin with.

    Is it really possible, then, to get a good deal there? Absolutely. Be a savvy and alert shopper and you are more likely to get a great deal when you can combine power hours or door busters with a coupon, Kohl’s discounts, or their branded Kohl’s Cash.

Before buying anything, however, compare retail prices to other department stores. This will help you determine what the markup is on an item, determining if the extra sale really is valuable and worth the energy and gas, or simply bringing the price down to what is normal at other department stores.

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Annie Birks is a mother of twins and takes every chance to save on clothes, etc. She finds kohl's coupons to be extremely helpful.


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