How to Build a Wardrobe
on a Budget

DIY Wardrobe Essentials

Have you fallen victim to the thought that learning how to build a wardrobe on a budget means that stylish and budget usually don't go hand in hand? Most of the time, it is thought that being in style means that you have to spend tons of money to get the look that everyone is going for. The truth is, however, that you don't have to spend tons of money just to have a stylish wardrobe. The tips below will help you gather the DIY wardrobe essentials while on a tight household budget.

    1. Don't be afraid to wear second hand clothing. Many people look down on those who buy and wear second hand clothing. This is actually a smart decision. Clothing that have been gently used can help you get the wardrobe you won't at very little cost.

    2. Dig for the deals. If you want to dress stylish on a household budget, you have to know where to find the deals and be willing to dig for them. Many stores offer discounts on name brand clothing but they are usually hidden in large clothes racks that are heavily packed. Be willing to dig!

    3. Use your coupons. Never throw a valuable coupon in the garbage. Take advantage of these savings.

    4. Buy out of season. When the seasons change, store will offer great deals on stylish looks. Don't be afraid to buy out of season to get the look that you want for next year.

    5. Switch clothing with a friend. Have a swapping party with a someone who has a similar style as you is a great way for how to build a wardrobe on a budget. There may be things that the two of you will agree to switch that will also look good when worn.

    6. Visit discount stores. Know when discounts stores get their new shipments in and be sure to be first in line for the new deals.

    7. Purchase clothes that may not be perfect. If you find a shirt that has small tear, don't be afraid to buy it. You can usually get it at a discount price. Learn simple sewing techniques that can help you save money.

    8. Find a cheaper alternative to the brand name outfits. Try to create the same stylish looks using cheaper brand clothing. Look through magazines to get ideas and try to recreate the look.

    9. Shops magazines and clearance racks. Magazines will run clearance on merchandise all throughout the year. Buy from magazines!

    10. Don't buy too many shirts in the same color. To get a stylish DIY wardrobe on a budget, mix and match the color of clothing that you buy. Don't buy two black shirts on the same day. Buy a variety of clothing to create your unique stylish wardrobe design.

    11. One belt will do the trick. Similarly, you don't need a ton of belts to look stylish. Buy one that will go with everything you own. There are even belts available for purchase that is reversible. Look for ways to get the most out of each and every purchase that you make.

    12. Determine what parts of the outfit are essential to you. Perhaps you like purses or shoes. Focus on buying the parts of the outfit are essential to you and spend the most money on these. Find ways to save on those things that really aren't important.

    13. Find creative ways to wear your clothing. Use scarves as belts! Get creative and find ways to wear your clothing in more than one way as you learn how to build a wardrobe on a budget.

    14. Flea market and garage sales have great deals. Again, second hand clothing can save you tons of money when trying to look stylish. If you are worried that someone may notice, consider going garage selling in a different town.

    15. Make a rule not to pay full price for anything. If you want to save money on stylish looks, you have to make the commitment to buy ONLY items that are on sale. Once you make this decision you will quickly find that you begin to save a significant amount of money.

You can learn how to build a wardrobe on a budget if you are willing to put in hard work and effort in finding the great deals. How stylish will you be? Whether you choose to buy second hand or dig through the clearance racks of your favorite discount store, there are many ways to get the savings you are looking for.

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This guest article on how to build a wardrobe on a budget is written by Ashley, a freelance writer of specialty products such as Reuge music boxes, limoges figurines, and a lot more.

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