Hot Holiday Gifts Hottest Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Families love giving hot holiday gifts and placing them into each other’s stockings. But after spending a lot of money on the gift under the tree, some struggle to think of something affordable to leave in one’s stockings. No one wants to see an empty stocking Christmas morning (or a piece of coal).

At the same time, it’s hard to find small gifts that someone already doesn’t have. Here are five of the hottest Christmas gifts this year which are great for stocking stuffers and won’t break the bank, or your housheold budget:

    1. Supercollar - This is an amazing stocking stuffer for anyone on your list who has a dog. This nifty collar has a built in leash, so you no longer need to remember where you put the leash. The pet enthusiast will love it and they will also love the fact that you gave their dog a gift as well!

2. Socks - When in doubt, everyone can use a great pair of socks! While reading this, you are probably thinking about getting holiday themed socks, which are great to have.

However, it’s very unlikely that they will be worn again past Christmas morning. The truth is that holiday clothing goes back into the closet until after Thanksgiving next year. If the holiday socks don’t get lost, you won’t see anyone wearing them for another 11 months. I suggest getting that special person a pair of socks that they can use year around.

3. Lighted Magnifiers - This is perfect for the person on your list for hot holiday gifts that has trouble reading smaller print. I bought one of these lighted magnifiers for my grandpa and he loves it! When we went out to a nice dinner a few weeks ago, he pulled it out and had no problem reading the wine menu, despite the dark lighting and really small print. It also comes in handy for reading fine print while working in a dark office late at night.

4. Gourmet Chocolate - Everyone loves getting candy in their stocking, but did you know you can also get gourmet chocolate without putting a crimp in your household budgeting?  Instead of going with ordinary chocolate you can pick up at the grocery store, opt to give them a piece of premium chocolate. It’s like giving a nice gift while sticking to the tradition of leaving candy in a stocking.

5. Cool feet for laptops - This gift is perfect for anyone who has a laptop. Your laptop can heat up after being used for a long period of time, requiring the use of a cooling tray.

It can get annoying carrying that around along with your laptop and sometimes feels like you’re carrying two laptops. With these cool feet, you simply attach them to the bottom of your laptop and it props it up, allowing for ventilation to prevent your laptop from overheating. This is much smaller to carry around than a large, sometimes loud cooling tray.

There’s usually someone on your list that seems to have everything, and it can be tough finding a gift for them. I hope this list of hot holiday gifts help you find the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone without hurting your wallet. Please list your hottest Christmas gifts below. Merry Christmas!

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This guest article on hot holiday gifts is by Adam Bruk who has been busy this holiday season helping shoppers find the best sunglasses for the fashionista on their gift list at Sunglass Warehouse. When he isn’t working, he enjoys the holidays by spending time with family and trying new recipes.

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