Ways to Use Home Solar Power and Save Money on Electricity

Home solar power is often thought of as potential alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar power is not only the conversion of sunlight into energy, it is also a viable way to save money on electricity. Many people think home solar panels comes with a big price tag, but that is simply not true.

You can save money by finding cheap solar panels and accessories (cheap in price, not quality). But, you must do your research. Before you purchase the panels, make sure they have been tested to ensure efficiency and durability and are certified by a reputable company.

With newer panels that provide more watts per dollar, the price of solar panels continues to decrease. If you shop around enough, you can find great deals by looking in surplus stores and buying discontinued models. If you’re not completely sure about making an investment in a solar power system, start with small items such as solar oven, solar garden lights, or a solar water heater.

If you are interested in trying out home solar power as a viable energy source, here are six unconventional suggestions to try:

    1. I bet you have never thought that providing shade for your car could also provide energy for your home? Solar car ports may be the next big thing for apartments and office buildings since most have covered parking already.

    2. Many people are investing in home solar power room additions for their homes. Using solar energy, you can add a room to your home and saving money on electricity each month!

    3. Typically, we use charcoal or natural gas to power our grill, but in Mexico, many taco stand owners are turning to the sun to power their grills. The initial investment of these solar powered carts (around $500) may be a little high, but the long-term benefits are priceless to the owners and customers.

    4. Any honey farmers out there? Or, anyone who simply loves honey? Solar-powered bee hives come with a cooler that keeps temperatures down. The result: a more productive colony in hot weather, fewer hive mites, and less stressed, more calmer bees.

    5. Have you ever thought about utilizing man’s best friend for solar energy? It makes sense – dogs love to be outside in the sun. Why not strap on a solar power collecting dog sweater and soak up the rays? If you’re already an outside person, this solar doggie sweater may be great for you! For instance, when you’re on a 5 hour hike and you find yourself lost with no cell phone battery left – solar doggie comes to the rescue with a battery fully charged by the sun!

    6. Have you ever been outside, thirsting for an ice cold soda, only to be disappointed as you see nothing around? Well, your answer is here – solar powered vending machines! These machines are camouflaged and can be placed nearly anywhere outside since they do not require a power outlet. Whether you are at the beach or the ski slopes, enjoy ice cold or hot drinks from these solar-powered vending machines.

Can you think of any other unusual uses for home solar power energy to save money on electricity? Do you have thoughts and experiences with home solar panels or tips to make your own cheap solar panels? Tell us below!

Kimberly Reynolds is an online marketer in Dallas, Texas. She has a passion for improving the environment and is currently working on adding a room addition with home solar power. On a typical day after work, you may find her walking her dogs, Bella and Doug, reading, writing, and discussing the latest viral video on YouTube.

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