Home Renovation Tips
on a Tiny Budget

Are you looking for home renovation tips that are useable now? So many of us think about how much we would like to change certain things about our homes – and dream about those hardwood floors, fireplaces, and big beautiful bay windows.

Regardless of what your dreams about your home, you can achieve a lot on your current household budget if you know where to go and how to do it!

Realize that the small stuff, like new paint and lights, new pillows for the couch, a new rug in front of the television, new rugs and towels for the bath - and other little things will do wonders, and might just thrill you until you can afford the bigger stuff.

Consider these 8 home renovation ideas as you get started:

1. Painting
It is an amazing feat, and a room changing experience to dabble with the newest paint colors and designs. Things like sponging, color washing, stencil work, and even wallpaper in a living room or entire house make changes that will thrill you! And for just a little bit of cash, your house can be transformed.

Try going to a local hardware store and picking up a ‘specialty’ paint instruction book. These are everywhere, and even have color swatches for suggestions. Once you decide on the pattern or unique paint job you want to do, all that is left is choosing the colors, and after all, isn’t that the best part!

2. Lighting
Next on our list of easy home renovation tips is lights, which can make dramatic changes in the appearance of your home. There are things like track lighting, tall decorative lamps, and new table lamps and even new light fixtures that will brighten your home, and create a beautiful new look.

Browse the lighting store for great ideas, and for sale items. Yes, lights and fixtures can get a little expensive, but if you are not in a hurry, you are able to catch the big sales stores have every few months.

3. Accessories
You would be amazed at how much you can do for a little cash. Some new chenille sofa covers and new pillows, new drapes and a couple of new rugs might have you smiling.

One of the best home renovation tips is to hit the discount and thrift stores. Even a new tablecloth with some carefully chosen candle holders and sticks will brighten up a dreary dining room. And try putting some potpourri in jars around the house, and next to your bed to make your home smell beautiful.

4. Furnishings
You can find some really inexpensive deals when looking for a new sofa or chair, dining table or even a new bed. Furniture stores are trying to stay alive and will bargain with you endlessly. Or why not try some garage sales!

A new sofa and chair can change the entire look of a living area or den. So can a new dining room table. One of the best home renovation tips is to shop around at discount stores or even thrift stores – you never know what you will find for a great deal.

5. Kitchen Countertops
If you want to re-do your kitchen counters, it can be done cheap enough. Unless of course you are talking about granite and then  you will need an installer, and a bigger household budget. But if you decide on tile, many, many people do this themselves.

If your guy is handy, all you need to do is pick up a great tile and grout book or home renovation guide, and all that is left is picking out the beautiful new tile – well, at least your part. Retiling your kitchen counters can change the entire look of your kitchen, and will keep you happy for decades.

6. Upgrading Appliances
You might be able to swing this if you do the math, getting energy efficient appliances that will save you hundreds of dollars annually and on your tax return.

As you consider these home renovation tips, remember that new appliances save you in monthly utility bills, and brings a beautiful new look to any kitchen or laundry room. But, check for sales – new kitchen appliances do get costly. There is always last year’s floor model that will come in at about half the cost of brand new. 7. Re-tile the Floors

This is a little easier than kitchen counters, since there is not as much cutting and it is a lot easier to work on the floor than short counter space, so once you have conquered the kitchen counters, and even the bath counters, you have got it made with floor tile.

And the look can change the entire appearance of your kitchen or bath. Use that home renovation guide available at the library.

8. Refinish Wood Cabinets
If the cabinets are still in good shape in the kitchen and bath, you an actually re-furbish them instead of replacing - by removing old paint or sealant, sanding and varnishing them with a new stain or

You might even consider re-painting the wood cabinets with some brand new paint and you will have an entire new and fresh look. And while you are at it, put in some nice new cabinet liners for extra freshness.

I trust these home renovation tips have helped you too see possibilities for upgrading your home while still maintaining your household budgeting

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Kristy Ramirez is a personal finance guru and a money savvy mommy who occasional writes for Life Insurance Finder Australia.

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