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These home mortgage loan tips are timely as the housing market in the USA has been in turmoil for a number of years now, with house prices remaining on a steady downward spiral. According to some analysts there has been an almost 30% decline in house prices across the last five years.

This crisis has had devastating consequences for many of those who already own homes. With house prices at such a low point, the bright point is that now is an attractive time to purchase a property for first time buyers. The question is, is now a good time to buy for you?

The answer of course depends on your circumstances and how much of a risk you are willing and able to take. No one knows for sure where house prices will go next. If they continue to drop you may end up dealing with negative equity. On the other hand, house prices may appear to have bottomed out, having the possible opposite effect.

Before taking out a mortgage, it is advisable to give some thought to the following these home mortgage loan tips:

    Research your options. It is always a good idea to thoroughly investigate all options available to you; research is likely to pay off in the long run. Shopping around, comparing providers, interest rates and methods of repayment, will help you to make an informed decision, and find the best home loan deal for your needs.

    Consider your financial position. Be honest with yourself about your financial position. Is the house that you have your eye on within your price range? Many householders who took out large mortgages during the boom years are suffering because their borrowing outstripped their means of repayment in the long term. It's also worth considering how your financial position may change in the near future and how you may cope with those changes. Lenders are making it considerably more difficult to borrow unless you are in a strong financial position. Consider your household budgeting situation realistically.

    Tread carefully. Before signing up to any mortgage deal, always make sure you read the small print thoroughly. It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but by making sure you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for, you will avoid any nasty surprises or hidden costs, and planning ahead will be made easier.

    If you're unsure, speak to an independent mortgage advisor. Guess work can be dangerous. An independent mortgage advisor should be able to help you compare offers from across the market.

These home mortgage loan tips, while also applicable before the housing crisis, are now more important than ever.

As well as considering the actual cost of the property it is also useful to consider overall interest rates, which some predict will rise over the coming years. This means that even waiting for houses to fall further could be risky because if interest rates rise enough in the same time period you could end up paying the same or more for your property. The balance is delicate and dependent on your personal financial situation.

Buying a home is a big step, and the current state of the housing market is making it increasingly tricky to decide when it's the right time to buy. Once you have researched your options thoroughly, taken professional independent advice if you feel that you need it, and you've finally decided you're in a strong financial position that is likely to last, there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of the ongoing lull in house prices.

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This guest article on home mortgage loan tips was written by John Hughes, resident blogger at Independent Financial Advisor a small UK based site that provides access to independent financial advisors as well as to debt advice charities for those struggling with their debts.

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