High School Graduation Gift Ideas Easy Ways to Save Money

If you are living a frugal lifestyle, high school graduation gift ideas doe not need to break the bank. For the graduate, it is a time to celebrate with a gift that marks the occasion and looks towards the future.

Here are five easy ways to save money and make your graduate smile.

    1. Address Book

    Buy an attractive address book for the graduate to keep up with contact information for thank you notes, friends who are moving out of town or going off to college. Add the addresses of friends and relatives that you know.

    2. Scrapbook

    Make a scrapbook of newspaper clippings you have saved or found on line about the graduate’s senior year or graduating class. Look for pictures of the school’s sports team or other school activities. Include copies of pictures of the graduate that you have or borrow from his family to make copies. Include a page with written sentiments from family and friends. Save room for future events.

    3. Gift Cards

    Regardless of whether they are going away to college or heading off to work, a gift card for movie passes, movie rental or a popular restaurant will be appreciated. If the graduate is moving out of town, buy the cards from places in the new location.

    4. Things to Do in New City

    Purchase or put together a book of online research of things to do in the town where the graduate will be moving. Include information about the city, climate or anything else of value to someone moving to a new location.

    5. Homemade Gift Ideas

    Use an iron on patch to make a tote or canvas book bag with the mascot of the graduates’ future school or favorite team. Look for other items to personalize such as T-shirts or Sweatshirts.

    Using a stamping kit, stencils or glued on numbers, personalize an inexpensive frame with the year of graduation. Look for other items to personalize like inexpensive coolers, tote bags, or a galvanized bucket for icing down drinks.

    If you are good at desktop publishing, make fold-over thank you cards, stationery, or calling cards with their Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phone connections for handing out to old and new friends.

With these easy high school graduation gift ideas, you can give a gift that will be both thoughtful and inexpensive by using a little ingenuity. Use your imagination to mark the occasion for the graduate on your list.

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Patti Hale is a freelance writer who loves to find new and unique frugal living tips. When she is not living a frugal lifestyle, she writes for Careertrainingbase.com where one of her most popular articles is Apprenticeship Programs in Alabama.

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