Frugal Living Tips
25 Strategies to Save Money

If you are like other people, you are frantically searching for frugal living tips to beat the boredom while on a tight budget. Let's face it, having fun usually doesn't come cheap. Or, does it? The following 25 strategies to save money and entertain when your bank account is empty just may change your mind!

    1. Invite friends over. Being around other people is almost always entertaining. Choose to invite friends over to hang out for a while.

    2. Go for a walk in the park with a friend. It's free to go to the park. Spend the evening taking a leisurely stroll through the park.

    3. Go to the beach. If you live near a beach, this can provide hours of entertainment for free. Whether you are planning on swimming or just want to read a book to the sounds of the waves, there are countless things that you can do on the beach that won't cost you a dime.

    4. Go on a picnic. Next on this great list of frugal living tips is to take your lunch outside as a source of entertainment. In addition to taking a walk at the park, plan an outdoor picnic in this location as well.

    5. Read an old book. Pull out an old time favorite book and re-read it.

    6. Go for a hike. If you live in the mountains or a forest area, there are likely several hiking trails close to you. Free of charge, you can spend your day hiking the many trail heads in your area.

    7. Create a blog. If the internet interests you, create a blog on your favorite topic. Offer people valuable information that will help them through everyday life. Or consider guest writing for frugal living websites such as this one.

    8. Garden. A packet of seeds is very inexpensive but can provide you with hours of entertainment. Begin your own garden and spend hours growing your own food.

    9. Volunteer. Search for volunteering opportunities in your area. This will give you something to do and also leave you with a feeling of accomplishment as you help others.

    10. Visit free events. Search for free events in your area such as festivals and grand openings to store. Look for these kind of frugal living tips in the paper, Craigslist, or local store bulleting boards. These events often offer free food and entertainment for your enjoyment.

    11. Learn a new hobby. Tackle that new hobby that you have always wanted to learn.

    12. Play a board game. Playing board games is free entertainment and great frugal family fun. Have a game night each week.

    13. Watch old movies. Sit down for a night of watching classic movies with your spouse or children.

    14. Look through the photographs of your favorite vacation. Bring back those old memories of your favorite times.

    15. Go on a dollar date. Many fast food restaurants now offer frugal meals or even a dollar menu. Go on a dollar date with your kids.

    16. Cook a nice meal for friends. If you can't afford to take everyone to dinner, save money on food by cooking a large pot of chili or some other frugal cooking idea and invite friends over. Yum.

    17. Host a bonfire. Sitting around the fire listening to the latest hits can be fun for everyone without costing a dime and is the warmest of these frugal living tips. Find old wood and crank up the fire!

    18. Window shopping. Even if you can't afford to buy anything, window shopping can be very entertaining. Try on things and put them on your wish list.

    19. Church related events. Are you associated with a church? If so, find out about upcoming events or even offer some of your own frugal living tips to share with others, givning you a reason to socialize.

    20. Local sporting events. Your local baseball or hockey team could always use your support.

    21. Start a running club. Exercising is free and can give you something to do. Consider starting up a running or walking club that meets once a week.

    22. Consider frugal shopping your favorite stores. Make a point to visit the clearance racks at your favorite store often to get the best deal.

    23. Visit your closest friends. Go for a drive and choose to spend time visiting old friends.

    24. Play with your kids. Do what many other frugal moms and dads do, and get involved in a video game or other action with your kids. They will love it!

    25. Facebook. When all else fails, social networking is free! Take advantage of the entertainment websites such as Facebook can offer. Being broke doesn't mean that you have to be bored!

Use these 25 frugal living tips as great strategies to save money, all the while entertaining yourself and family at the same time. Please share this article using the buttons below or the top right of this page and be sure to sign up for an informative and free newsletter above on the right there. Thank you.

This guest article is by Ronda Claire, a freelance writer who has an interest in collecting specialty products such as Russian nesting doll, retro wall clock, limoges, figurines, etc.

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