Frugal Living in College

Is it possible for frugal living in college? When it’s time to move out and go to college, there can be no greater feeling that the surge of independence that comes with having your very own place. However, this independence is also met with an immediate need for responsibility when it’s time to figure out how to furnish the place and make it feel like home.

It’s especially difficult to figure out how to do that on a budget. There are so many odds and ends needed for any living space, not to mention the big purchases, like beds and tables. Fortunately, by being money conscious and spending carefully, it’s possible to create a living space in college that will provide all the comfort you need without breaking the bank.

Here are a few good tips for frugal living in college to keep in mind:

Don’t buy new what you can get used.

This is one of the best ways to save money on home décor and furniture. Even though you want to make sure to get items that are clean, in good condition and comfortable, there is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a new couch, TV, or coffee table.

Head out to some garage sales and thrift stores to see what you can find. Or check out the local classifieds and sites like Craigslist.org. Great things to buy used are tables, wood chairs, picture frames, candle holders, ottomans, couches, and bed frames.

Only purchase new items on sale.

There are some items that you just won’t want to buy used. Things like bed sheets, robes, towels, comforters and blankets are not things that you want to use after someone else. So, when you do go out to make these purchases, try to focus on the sale racks.

Remember that, even though you want to like the things you buy, nothing has to be perfect in a college dorm our apartment. If you’re truly trying to stick to a budget, make it a point to stick to the sale racks, and rarely veer elsewhere.

Take care of the necessities first.

There are tons of things that you’ll need to make the perfect space for your college years. However, you may not be able to purchase everything you need all at once. That’s why it’s essential to determine what is immediately needed and what can be purchased at a later date.

Try to limit your purchases to absolute necessities first. Things like a mattress, towels, bed sheets, a couch and a TV are hard to live without. Try purchasing only these items and a few kitchen utensils and see which other items you actually and truly need later.

Mariana Ashley writes about educational topics for www.onlinecolleges.net and she can be reached at mariana.ashley031 at gmail.com.

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