Free Marriage Counseling Tips 5 Financial Benchmarks to Ensure Success

How about some free marriage counseling tips to help get on solid financial ground with your future spouse. How much do you actually know about the finances of your future husband or wife? The answer is - probably not as much as you should. A recent survey and visual guide by CESI was featured on Mint.com discussing financial infidelity.

A whopping 73% of couples say it is unacceptable to make purchases of $100 without first telling their spouse, yet 80% polled said they spend money that their husband or wife does not know about.

But the hard truth is - the financial matters of your future spouse needs to be discussed, as each of your financial history and value system has implications on your future as a couple. Does marriage counseling work? Let's find out.

Here are 5 free marriage counseling tips to be used as financial benchmarks that all couples should openly communicate to one another about before and after the wedding:

  • Credit score – This number can literally mean the difference between buying a home together at a low interest rate or a terrible one. Credit scores also tell you how responsible your couple has been at paying their bills.

  • Debt Burden – Today, most couples have debt. It's a matter of how much and why. A monthly debt “burden” of 25-30% of your gross monthly pay (including your home or rent payment) is considered good. Anything above that is questionable.

  • Risk quotient – Does your partner make quick decisions? Or need time to analyze? The way your partner makes decisions could impact spending, investment and insurance decisions and ultimately drive your financial stability and success.

  • Savings rate – It is okay to live for today, but what about saving for the future? Do you agree on how much of your income should go to savings? Will you both contribute to savings or will you view your combined income (whatever it is) as truly “one.”

  • Net worth – Your net worth is really the benchmark for how you're performing financially – whether you're single or married. While your spouse might have a net worth of zero – or maybe even negative – knowing where you stand individually and together will help you on your journey as a couple.

Dedicating the time now to discuss and grasp your soon to be spouse's financial standing will help to overcome potential future financial threats, resulting in smart decision-making for a couple's future. Become clear on your financial needs and learn how to overcome threats to your financial success by using these free marriage counseling tips to help ensure that you both get on the same financial page before tying the knot.

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