Earning Extra Money
Creative Ways to Make Money

Earning extra money for your household budgeting success sometimes is very obvious and other times requires a bit of creativity. When you are cutting expenses and trying to stick to effective household budgeting, it might seem impossible to "tighten the belt" just a little bit more.

To help, I have four creative ways to make money:

    1. Did you get a tax refund? Instead of going out and buying new things, apply the amount in debt reduction or establishing an emergency fund. Better yet, if you usually expect to get a refund, reajust your withholdings by submitting a new W-4 form to your employer. The goal is to end the year even, you owe the government nothing and the government not owing you anything. In each time you receive a refund, it means that you gave the government an interest free a loan when that money could be in your paycheck spread out each month over the year.

    2. Go through the house and sort out any items you do not use any more and have a garage sale or list them on eBay. If you have not used something in the last six months to a year, question the need to keep it and instead create a little found money by selling it. You get rid of the actual clutter and receive the extra cash.

    3. Earn some extra money from a fun part time job. If you enjoy sales, get involved selling a product or service you enjoy. Do a home party at night or on Saturday. Maybe deliver newspapers, flowers, or pizza as a way of finding extra money. Cash for gold parties seem to be a big hit, although I have yet to try one myself. I am intrigued with this way of earning extra money, so would love to hear your feedback.

    If leaving the house is difficult because of having children, search for a telecommuting position on Google or various job boards. Be careful with Craig's list though, as there are a lot of scams there.

    4. Along the same lines, perhaps turning a talent or passion into a side business is for you. Do you like to bake? Create birthday or special occasion takes. What about photography? Hire yourself out to do events. Sit down and write out ten things that you really like to do and I am sure at least one of those you can make money from, even if just a little.

A bit of creativity and ingenuity can go a long way in your search for finding extra money each month to help your household budgeting and keep you living within your means.

But do you know what? It can be done! Tell me below one of your creative ways to make money or are how right now you are earning extra money.

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