Cool Gift Ideas Really Cheap Student Car Insurance

OK, what do you do when cool gift ideas are needed for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, good lucks, farewells, etc? There are just so many occasions we’re encouraged and compelled to buy our kids gifts for these days. Have you thought about really cheap student car insurance to get them started? In the process, this is a great technique for teaching kids about money.

Now, as a Christian, I honestly don’t believe in the material things in life. Sure, I want my family and I to be comfortable and enjoy life, but living within our means is equally as important to me. To me, the amount of people that actually get themselves into debt simply to keep up with the cool gift ideas of the Jones’ (the modern American standard) is saddening.

Of course, sometimes the occasion calls for the gift of something special, but that special something doesn’t have to cost the earth and muscle in on your meticulously crafted financial plans.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to your kids, I like nothing less than seeing them accumulate a bunch of material junk at Christmas and birthdays. And I certainly don’t want to encourage such a culture. In fact, I’ve always actively discouraged it.

Last Christmas, my daughter was halfway through her final year at high school, and the following summer (2011) she was planning on going to college to find her own way in life.

She had talked about driving from her college in New York City to our home in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, at weekends (something I’m certainly not going to argue with!), and about saving up for a car of her own to be able to it in. It came to me – one of the most unique and cool gift ideas I’ve ever come up with: I was going to buy her a really cheap car insurance policy. On I trotted to go compare car insurance policies for Christmas.

I went ahead and gave her an IOU for a really cheap student car insurance policy for Christmas, and boy, was she delighted. It also gave her the extra impetus to make steps towards saving for a car, and now she only has a couple of hundred dollars to go before she can afford the motor she wants.

It’s worked out pretty good for me too, because I’m going to see a lot more of my baby girl when she flies the nest. By teaching your kids about money and the value of things, you’re setting them in very good stead for their lives ahead. You must always remember that it’s you, the parents, who will set the standards and strength of your children’s moral compass – not the rest of America.

So next time you’re trying to think of some cool gift ideas, think about practicality and what they’re really going to get the most use out of. Think about really cheap student car insurance to get them started.

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