Computer Virus Information
Free Internet Protection Ideas

In this informative how to article, I give you detailed computer virus information and ways to help keep those hackers from messing with your machine ... and data. These free internet protection ideas are unique, detailed, and the best ways to save money.

Computer Virus Protection computer virus information

No, not the Swine Flu. You need probiotics, Vitamin D and avoidance of the flu shot for that. I am talking about computer viruses created by people who refuse to use their talents to bring value to others and earn a living, but sit around creating ways to destroy successful people's computers.

The two most known computer virus protection players on the field are MacAfee and Norton. Please stay away from MacAfee. There are so many horror stories from people using it and caused havoc on their computer.

In the last month, I fixed two computers that lost access to the printer and other problems that were directly traced back to MacAfee. Once it was removed, the computer hummed along great.

When search for effective computer virus information, you need one that is effective and inexpensive. In this, or any economy, you need the best ways to save money. Norton is good, but pricey and not as effective as the free option, believe it or not. This is a preference of mine, so do not send me nasty notes.

This brings me to my preferred choice for anti-virus free Internet protection: AVG free Internet protection, the best option out there even if they did charge. AVG is a lot better than Norton in head to head tests and even in my own testing. I scanned with Norton and then AVG went in and found a lot more.

Keep this free program updated at least twice a month and set it to do a daily scan.

Computer Hackers

The next to contend with are spyware/malware. To keep it simple, these are annoying programs created by the same societal leeches but do not fall under the definition of a virus. You know those ads that keep popping up from who knows where? You've got it. These programs also steal your personal information and slow down your computer. Have you tried to go to a website and all of a sudden are at another one? You got hijacked by spyware.

Free Internet Protection Ideas

The bad guys, and girls, use their computer virus information to destroy. The effective battling of these computer pranksters, you need these two free Internet protection programs that work very well together: Spybot and SpywareBlaster. Download them, install them, and keep 'em updated.

Since implementing this strategy years ago, I have not had a single problem with any of the destruction described above. And they have cost me nothing, not a penny.

Did You Catch the First Article?

All of the programs described in this article and my first one describing other effective free internet protection ideas are top of the line in quality protection. Walking through these four steps may take a little time but in the end will save you a ton of time, frustration, and money by avoiding all the junk that comes inherent with owning the technology.

Your computer will run faster, help keep those hackers from messing with your machine and you will be happier. Now, is that not worth taking action today?

With the vast array of computer virus information out there, I have condensed it down to what is necessary and easily doable to help protect your family and computer with some of the best ways to save money, get out of debt, and live a financially free life.

I have many more of the easiest ways to save money to help you such as a few creative ways to save money.

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