The College Survival Kit Unique High School Graduation Gift Ideas

A college survival kit is a unique, easy, and cheap solution for high school graduation gift ideas, and could turn out to be the best and most appreciative. For many, graduating from high school means they will either be getting ready to go off to college or moving out of their parent’s homes and living on their own.

Anyone who has helped a child go off to college or set up housekeeping knows what an expensive time consuming task this is. Therefore, a “college survival kit” is a gift that is not only appreciated by the graduate, but also for the parents who are living a frugal lifestyle as well.

Laundry Kit

Laundry essentials like detergent, fabric softener sheets, stain remover tied up in a laundry bag or basket makes a great gift.

Bathroom Kit

Any kind of toiletry will do soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, body wash, disposable razors, shaving cream, mouthwash, etc. Since many students will need to share bathrooms in a dorm, bathroom totes as well as flip-flops or crocs come in very handy. Fog free mirror, brush and comb set are also very helpful high school graduation gifts or even a unique Christmas gift idea.

Other great high school graduation gift ideas for your bathroom college survival kit are inexpensive towels and washcloths. Leave the expensive sets for when they get older or get married because there is no guarantee they will be able to keep up with or take care of these items at this stage in their life.

First Aid Kit

A regular pre-packaged first aid kit is good, but does not include everything the new graduate might need during their stay away from home. Stuffing a cheap plastic box or basket with headache relievers, cold medicine, sinus/allergy medication, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide and such will be an appreciated gift, especially when they are away from home and find they need it.

Cooking Kit

Regardless of whether the graduate will be making snacks in a dorm room or meals in a new apartment, a collection of kitchen tools are always a needed gift in the form of a college survival kit. A small tub for washing dishes filled with sponge and detergent, wooden spoon, manual can opener, plastic cups/bowls/plates and eating utensils would work for someone living in a dorm room.

An oven mitt filled with dollar store cooking utensils, a set of inexpensive glasses would be better for someone setting up in an apartment. For either a college survival kit filled with microwave popcorn, ramen noodles, cans of soup, boxes of Mac and cheese, jars or cans of nuts and dried fruit would come in handy on their first nights away from momma’s kitchen.

Study/Desk Kit

Regardless of whether the graduate is going away for college or setting up their own desk for paying bills, a desk kit is a welcome gift. A study/desk kit could include highlighters, paper clips, a flash drive, pens, pencils, pencil holder, small stapler, stamps and envelopes.

These five college survival kit plans are scalable to most anyone’s budget and are a great for both high school graduation gift ideas and those already away on their own. Their grateful appreciation will prove there is no need to break the bank to buy gifts for the high school graduate when you are living a frugal lifestyle. Who knows, they may even decide that living frugal is for them also. What a great legacy THAT would be!

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Patti Hale is a freelance writer who loves to find ways to live a frugal life. When she is not living frugally, she writes for Careertrainingbase.com where one of her most popular articles is Apprenticeship Programs in Alaska.

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