A Review of The Best Car Insurance Companies

Comparing the best car insurance companies is one of the most important investments you can make. Not just because it is required by law, but because having it can save you a lot of money in the event that you do have an accident or are a victim of car theft. It is also important to understand that just having car insurance is not good enough, you must also try to find the best car insurance companies that meet all your needs while still being affordable. The last thing you want is to find out your policy is not what you thought it was when purchased.

There are a variety of ways to research and compare the best car insurance companies such as using the Internet or by physically visiting them in your area. Here is a review of the more common ones that have a history of high customer satisfaction.


Esurance is an online auto insurance company that is owned by Allstate and currently has an estimated 500,000 policy holders. Esurance is an above average auto insurance company when it comes to coverage. What makes them one of the most preferable auto insurance companies is their low rates. They offer online comparisons for you to see how much you save by using them. They also give you the benefit of choosing an auto insurance plan tailored to each driver's need, so you do not have to pay for additional features that you do not need.


This is one of the most popular car insurance companies, having more than 10 million policy holders, and uses direct-to-consumer sales instead of having agents selling their policy plans to customers. Geico is a very customer focused insurance company and, along with their memorable gecko commercials, is what makes them so popular. They have rates that are fair and even lower than a lot of the best car insurance companies around. In the event of an accident many current policy holders say that Geico makes the process less stressful by being prompt and as helpful as possible.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest auto insurance company in North America and is also one of the oldest. They currently have around 77 million policy holders and cover 40 million vehicles. State Farm is one of the more expensive auto insurance companies, backed up with some of the best and most comprehensive policies that are available. They are considered by many to be one of the best car insurance companies,with higher prices to match their higher level of service.


Progressive Car Insurance is for private passenger automobiles and offers their services primarily through the Internet, but also through independent agents. Since a majority of Progressive's plans are sold online, it is amazing that they hold the third position for most policies sold in the U.S., having one of the highest rated customer service departments as wekk as being more affordable than most companies. Progressive is known for showing its new customers other insurance companies rates alongside their own to prove that they are offering the lowest rate available.

The Choice is Yours

When trying to decide which car insurance company to best fulfill your needs, it is important to research as many as possible before deciding. In most cases, it is a good idea to stick with a well-known company as they have a proven track record that you can rely on. There are numerous ways to research and compare each company without ever leaving your home. Start with a car comparison website to get a side by side view of each company's rates and insurance policy highlights. Your goal is to get the most comprehensive policy at the lowest prices.

Another good source for finding inside information about any insurance company is user reviews. Keep in mind that there will be extreme reviews that are both negative and positive so be sure to look at as many reviews as possible. Choosing a great car insurance company can not only save you money, but a quality one will take care of you if catastrophe does occur.

This guest article is by Sandy Landsford, an accountant who blogs for carinsurance.org.uk, where you will find and compare rates among the best car insurance companies!

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